Tuesday, March 8, 2011

City Golf Club in Toowoomba

City Golf Club

It seems to be a constant dilemma of mine - at once having a huge list of restaurants that I need to visit and also not ever knowing what I want to eat on one particular night. It's exactly like the age old female puzzle of having a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear.

One such evening, we drove around to a few places (there was a confusion about what a certain tavern's name + location was, which was settled on Google via iPhone. God bless technology) and finally, Byron put his foot down and directed us to City Golf.

Getting into the joint was an adventure. Not only did we nearly drive up a pedestrian ramp (courtesy of Mochi and poor signage), we had to sign up. I was allocated the job of becoming a member and signing the others in. No problemo - I love filling out forms.

Between the three of us (actually, I might not have contributed at all), we scraped up the $2 for one year joining fee.

Finally, we got into the actual restaurant. The golf club had a, well, golf club feel. To those unfamiliar with that, I can best describe it as a mix between an RSL and a low-end casino.

We didn't muck around with checking out the rest of the joint but instead, made a bee-line for the food.

Our little booth in the corner

The ordering system instantly confused all of us. I was reminded of culture shock - when you're in a new environment and you don't know what the beep is going on but everyone around you does.

After much frustration and tantrums on Byron's part ("I'm not getting anything!"), I worked out that there are a few separate sections to the restaurant... e.g. typical Modern Australian affair, Asian and Italian. Though they are positioned separately, you can order from any of their menus at the one counter.

I figured this all out much too late though and put on the spot, I just ordered a lamb rack and some cob bread. Mochi was already eating by the time I put my buzzer down (they have one of those buzzer systems where you pick your food up when your buzzer goes off).

Roast dinner

She had gotten the roast meal which works kinda like a buffet... she just heaped up the meat and veggies on a plate. I thought it looked pretty good and wished I got that instead.

Cob bread with sweet chili cream cheese and butter

Our cob bread came first. It was very much like a typical white bread roll but heated up well. By that I mean the inside was soft and the exterior was crunchy. It came with sour cream and butter. I must've been super hungry by then because this plain bread tasted heavenly.

Roast harissa-spiced lamb racks - with mashed potato, crisped flat bread, harissa dipping sauce

I can't really say the same for the lamb rack. It was so... small. 2 pieces of lamb and a sauce that was almost pure oil. I was also allowed to pick some veggies from the buffet island so that made the meal seem marginally bigger. Overall, unimpressed.

Carrot cake

Mochi also got a piece of carrot cake and encouraged us all to have a taste. It was very bland to me. Not carroty... just cakey with some vaguely carrot-like flavor added. The icing was OK but we thought the cake was stale and dry.

I'm not sure if our poor food options from City Golf Club were just because we got confused and didn't order right or if it's generally indicative of the quality. I did honestly like the environment though. It was brightly lit and cheerful. I'd say we might give it another go.
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  1. Thanks for the review, you should check out our new menus they changed 22/2/12, the menu feat in this story was the summer menu 2010/2011