Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Buffet Breakfast @ The Corn Exchange Restaurant in Sydney

The Corn Exchange Restaurant
Four Points by Sheraton, 161 Sussex Street, Sydney City

Being the planning-extremist that I am, I find it very worrying when I don't know EXACTLY WHERE I'M GOING FOR BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER for holidays that are supposed to be food holidays. I tell myself 'I'll research it closer to date' and even think 'maybe we'll just wing it and find something amazing on the street' but my biggest fear is that I'll settle for a cafe/restaurant only to learn later on via the internet that there was something AMAZING just around the corner. If only I had done my research!

This was my fear for Sunday breakfast in Sydney. I was too lazy/busy to find somewhere to go but I knew that breakfast is very important to me and I would be extremely disappointed not to make the most of that eating slot.

Everything was solved when arrived at our hotel. We were staying at Four Points by Sheraton and when we checked in, the lady informed us that our included breakfast would be available on the ground floor at The Corn Exchange. Um... included breakfast? We had no idea.


I admit to being slightly disappointed at not being able to choose but once we got in there, all insecurities evaporated.

There was a LOT of food on offer. The buffet dishes were arranged in sections. The first I came across was the hot food section with old favorites like bacon, eggs, chippolatas (pork and fennel), roast mushrooms, tomato and more.

Next, I moved along to an island with tonnes of danishes, croissants and on the other side, ham and other cold meat. I picked up a mini croissant and some smoked salmon.

The restaurant has an area with different types of bread and one of those old school huge toasters with the heated conveyor belt.

My first plate

I popped my mini croissant in there and it came out nice and crunchy.

Waffles, golden syrup, fresh fruit and natural yogurt with apple sauce and pistachios

After my first plate, I went for a 'dessert' plate. I explored the fruit and yogurt island and plated myself some natural yogurt with chopped apple and crushed pistachio to top. I chose some fruit as well and arranged them around a waffle. The waffle was average but the yogurt and blueberries were amazing. I've been told before that blueberries taste good but after splurging on a punnett that tasted like textured air, I decided that couldn't be true. These blueberries at The Corn Exchange exemplified what good fruit should taste like. I'm sorry for doubting you, blueberries!

Fruit and muesli porridge topped with almond flakes

To finish off (yes, I still had room for more), I had a bowl of muesli porridge and some fruit. I'm a sucker for muesli and this tasted good to me, even though I was full, so it can't be too bad.

Hien's plate

We had a ball at The Corn Exchange. In no way did I feel like I was missing out on a better breakfast elsewhere. It had all the novelty of a good buffet - i.e. lots of variety, but also good quality too. It ended up being pretty packed too.
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