Thursday, March 24, 2011

Perk Up for Breakfast in Melbourne

Perk Up

Breakfast is not something I take lightly but on the Sunday we were in Melbourne, we had just one requirement: a place that was open at 7am.

We made our way to Southern Cross Station and Perk Up was literally the only place with its lights on. Bar Maccas. The window display looked promising so we were eager to stop off for some morning fuel.

I was settled on a vegetable roll when I saw that they had the 'original' bircher muesli. Long time readers of this blog would know that I used to be a muesli fanatic. I HAD to try it. I also bought a ham, cheese and tomato toastie to balance things out. And a coffee... of course.

Kat ordered a toastie of her own and a hot chocolate.


I got my coffee first. It wasn't outstanding but hey, it was pretty good, and at that hour of the morning, it certainly did the trick.

Bircher muesli

The bircher muesli came in a little takeaway container. I tried some and thought 'oh okay'. It was quite different to the one I used to make and I couldn't put my finger on why. After much analyzing, I figure it's because they put a lot of lemon in it so it's very sour, and also that there aren't any nuts (none that I could find) so the texture is quite monotonous. I didn't want to finish the container but I could appreciate how this was probably very healthy.

Ham, cheese and tomato toastie

The toastie looked like a little, flat brick. It hot and crunchy but a bit dry on the inside.

Inside of my toastie

I think it lacked butter, which is probably not a bad thing for the waist line.

Egg and cheese toastie

Katherine reported that her egg and cheese toastie was dry too.

Inside of Kat's

Her opinion was that there didn't seem to be enough cheese.

I asked about her hot chocolate and she grunted without enthusiasm. Apparently it was better than the powder + water stuff we got on the plane but not by much.

The food wasn't terrible but what really got us down about Perk Up was the service. The ladies making coffee were friendly but the girl we got kept confusing our orders and her attitude was very cold and unpleasant. We like a place that does breakfast early on a Sunday but it would be nice if the service was more cheery.


  1. Sorry to hear you didn't like this place. It's always a shame when you're on a holiday with 'limited' meals and you come across an unpleasant place to eat.
    Are you still in Melbourne?
    If so, you should check out Cumulus Inc or The Hardware Societe in the city :) They are delicious.


    I'm going to Cumulus Inc next time I'm in Melb (which is in June). I've had one too many recs now so there's no stopping me :D.