Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Cupcake Bakery in Melbourne

The Cupcake Bakery, Collins Street

I did Sydney on a whim in February so it was fair to give Melbourne a whirl too. I saved it for March so I could use my birthday as an excuse and so here's another example of how I've dragged my birthday out.

It was an EVEN SHORTER trip than Sydney so we literally flew in, had dinner and left the hotel at 8am the next morning.

I was armed with Kat, my BFF of 10+ years (we did our 10 year freniversary in 2010, also in Melbourne) who, like me, was keen for a sugar pit stop on our way to the hotel.

We spotted The Cupcake Bakery from across the street and made a bee-line for it.

This will be a relatively short post because we ordered a cupcake each and there isn't too much to waffle on about when it comes to cupcakes.

Sample cupcake that I took a photo of because it was pretty

I've never been a huge fan of cupcakes for TASTE. Sure, they look adorable but there are better things for my palate. One day in Toowoomba, I was made to doubt this opinion because a work friend brought in cupcakes she had ordered for her 21st and they were very delicious. Very moist with a perfect topping.

Tiramisu cupcake

Well, these cupcakes weren't that. The cupcake base was dry. Not stale but not moist and squishy either. I had one with a tiramisu cream top. The tiramisu part was pretty good but nothing to write home about.

Choc peppermint cupcake

Kat got the peppermint chocolate and I think it's a similar story there.

The shop is cute and the cupcakes are eye candy but that's all I really have to say. I wasn't a huge fan of the service either. We got our sugar rush and left in a jiffy, onto bigger and better things.
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  1. Thank you !!!I like love at first bite cupcakes in melbourne. That is an elegant cake! Definitely would put it in the classic department. Your work is detailed and lovely. The flowers on top are the perfect final touch, I am so impressed!