Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cafe Mondial for Breakfast

Cafe Mondial

Last weekend involved a short trip back to Brisbane for Byron's birthday. We had a tight schedule and needed to be on the way to Toowoomba before a certain time. Because of this, breakfast was a strictly timed affair.

We were staying in the city and decided to eat at the first 'ok-looking' cafe we came across.

This happened to be Cafe Mondial.

In all my years living in Brisbane, I've walked past this joint n times but never even had a coffee from there.

There's a generous supply of outdoor, street-side seating that was too chilly for my liking (probably something to do with the fact it was early in the morning and I had stupidly neglected to bring a jacket). We huddled inside and started studying the menu. At one stage, I felt sorry for Cafe Mondial because the cafe next door seemed to be getting all the business... then I realised that next door was also part of Cafe Mondial. We were just sitting in the less popular section.

Latte and cappucino

Coffees were ordered first. Mine was a latte as per usual and Byron got a cappuccino. They were quite good.

Mushroom medley - sauteed mushrooms, haloumi cheese, baby spinach, aioli and olive bread

For breakfast, I chose the mushroom medley. I had been in a mushroom mood for ages but every time I went to Coles, they were all gone (besides the fancy mushrooms for more $$). The plate came out heaped with sauteed mushrooms. They were cooked well, nice and juicy. It had a side of grilled haloumi, which is something I love but haven't eaten in a long time. There was also half a grilled tomato and a thick slice of olive bread.

Big breakfast - with poached eggs, bacon, chipolatas, mushrooms with olive bread

Byron ordered the big breakfast with poached eggs. There was a stack of bacon, chipolatas and mushrooms. It wasn't as huge as some other 'big breakfasts' that I've seen but we agreed that the quality was great. He also got a slice of buttered olive bread and thought it was fabulous.

We liked our breakfast because everything was cooked well. The servings were good for us too. The staff were very friendly but not 'fake friendly' so it was a nice place to be on our Sunday morning.


  1. I ate there or attempted to...they gave me uncooked chicken in the eggplant chicken parmesan. They offered me another meal and I said no. The chef came out who was 50+ I simply said how long have you been cooking for?
    Anyhow being served raw chicken will be an experience I will never forget. I also had to pay for my drinks upon leaving (coke & coffee). Poor taste was left in mouth...

  2. I eat lunch and dinner all the time at 'Mondial' and have always loved the food including the chicken. (the eggplant chicken parmaesan is actually one of my favouite meals)