Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flute Fine Food for Brunch

Flute Fine Food
4/380 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo

I was stuck in Toowoomba on Mother's Day so mum and I decided to delay it a week to this weekend. We settled for brunch on Saturday, followed by a fishing trip on Sunday.

When I started searching for a potential breakfast spot that I haven't already been to, I found Flute and was happy to see that it was close by too. Flute is located on Cavendish Road, next to Cream, which was one of my favorite cake cafes when I lived in Brisbane.

At first I thought we were too early because there didn't seem to be anyone around. Once we walked closer, I realized my eyesight is shot because it was nearly packed. This was barely 8:30am, mind you. We were going to take a table inside but didn't want to be sandwiched between 2 other groups of people so we ended up sitting outside.

The outside space was nice albeit a bit too dark and romantic for that time of day. There was a mounted heater and even wooly blankets for you to keep your legs snug.

Mum and I ordered coffee to start.


My latte was surprisingly huge. Mum exclaimed 'is that a soup?' It was a good coffee (thankfully, else I would've been stuck with a big bowl of crud) and a great start to the meal.

Flat white

Mum had a flat white. Both our coffees came with mini dark chocolates. They were very yummy.

I was disappointed that the menu didn't have any sweet breakfast offerings besides the chocolate brownie, which in my opinion is more a dessert/snack than breakfast. Even their crepe was savory.

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs - with avocado, tomato and fire roasted capsicum relish, caper berries and Turkish pide

Mum's choice was the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on Turkish pide. It was a giant serve (matched my latte) and she claims it is one of the greatest breakfast creations she's ever tasted. It came with avocado and tomato relish and some weird things that looked like olives with a stalk (later identified as caper berries - yes they taste like large, juicy capers).

Flute eggs benedict - smoked ham off the bone, eggs, spicy tomato jam, white wine sauce and shaved parmesan

My order was the egg's benny. It was again, a large serving. Basically, it was similar to mum's but with poached eggs and leg ham instead of scrambled eggs and salmon. The hollandaise sauce (they call it a white wine sauce?) was excellent.

Service at Flute was friendly and consistent. Even though they were extremely busy, it didn't feel rushed at all. I thought the food was quite good... perhaps not the top of my list (Pearl is still best IMO) but the servings were hearty enough to justify the price.
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