Sunday, May 15, 2011

King Ahiram Lebanese Food

King Ahiram Lebanese Food
88 Vulture St, West End

Mochi and I were in the fabulous position of needing a quick bite before our Thai massage appointment during the Labor Day long weekend. If there ever was a good reason to rush food, that would be it.

We thought somewhere in West End would be convenient because that's where our appointment was too. After trawling up and down Boundary Street, we ended up at King Ahiram's. We're both huge fans of Greek/Turkish/Middle-Eastern food so it seemed like a good idea.

King Ahiram's is a cross between takeaway joint and very casual diner. After reading the menu, we decided to share a Deluxe Plate. We also scanned through the hot food display and picked a spinach pastry to add to our meal.

Deluxe platter - shish kebab, hommus, baba ghanoush, tabouli, kafta, falafel, vine leaves, cabbage roll and spinach pie

Our platter didn't take long to arrive. I was initially skeptical that it wouldn't be enough for the two of us but it was a decent-sized platter.

Flat bread

Most importantly, there was a large flat bread for dipping that was very filling. I particularly liked the lamb kebab and falafel.

Spinach pastry

The spinach pastry was alright though the filling was a bit bland. Because it had been sitting there for a while, the pastry wasn't crunchy either.

It was quiet when we got there but that might have something to do with the fact that it was only 5:30pm. The food was OK for a Middle-Eastern quick fix but it wasn't anything spectacular to me.
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  1. try their desserts/ filo pastries if you have sweet tooth, never been disappointed so far, usually they are sold by 4pm!

  2. Hi Gloria...

    Thanks for the rec! I'll give it a go sometime.