Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Toowoomba Fish Depot

Toowoomba Fish Depot
Shop 10, 192-198 James St, Toowoomba

Mochi had been promising me 'amazing fish and chips from this amazing fish shop' for weeks. Somehow we never got around to it until one day Byron and I couldn't figure out what to get for tea and Mochi mentioned the fish and chip shop again. Only problem was she was about to start cooking her own food. We staged a hurried intervention and peer-pressured her into showing us where the fish was.

It was an adventure getting there because whilst trains in Toowoomba are not that frequent, one somehow intercepted our route 2 times.

When we arrived at Fish Deppot, it was actually quite busy. There was a small queue, which gave us adequate time to decide on our orders.

Byron and I took the easy route and got a platter for 2. It came as a giant paper package. We were cold and hungry and couldn't wait to unravel.

Seafood platter for 2

Peeling away the paper revealed a mountain of fried goodies. I normally get battered fish but we weren't given the option and all the fish pieces came crumbed. This disappointed me when I saw it but the crumbing was actually quite tasty.

Inside of my fish

Very crunchy. I wasn't a huge fan of the seafood stick (though they're one of Byron's guilty favorites). The prawn and calamari were OK but by then I was too overwhelmed by oil and crumb to distinguish much. I was admiring the store tartare sauce when we were waiting but the tartare sauce that came with the platter was just premade supermarket stuff that tasted like thin mayo.

Crumbed sweetlip, calamari and beer-battered chips

Mochi ordered a crumbed sweetlip and calamari. I should mention now that I have no idea what fish we were eating. We did an experiment where we tried some of Mochi's and some of ours and decided that yes, there is a difference but nothing to really sway our preferences. She also ordered beer-battered chips. They were slightly underseasoned but aside from that, a very interesting chip. Not the usual beer batter... more like a cross between a chip and a wedge.

The Fish Depot was good on speed of cooking and value for money. I would have liked to try some battered fish because crumbed just isn't really my cup of tea. Our chips were boring but the beer-battered ones were quite unique. They would've been great with a sauce.



  2. Hi Hiasan...

    The price is reasonable considering how much fish and chips we got. I 'think' I saw fresh seafood that you can take home... but I'm not 100% for that.

  3. Next time you are in town you should try 'Chipper Fish' in Toowoomba, they do an amazing batter and their Chips are the best in town.
    I found their website for you - definitely worth a visit. YUMMO!

  4. Next time you are in town try 'Chipper Fish', their batter is delicious and the chips are amazing, perfect crunch. I found their website, well worth a visit if you want the best fish and chips in Toowoomba.