Sunday, May 8, 2011

NZ Trip - Arrowtown Bakery

Arrowtown Bakery and Cafe

On the morning of my last day in New Zealand, we stopped at Arrowtown to look at the leaves. Mum is extreme when it comes to deciduous tree colour appreciation.

I, on the other hand, was quite excited about this cute cafe. Arrowtown has a small strip of shops, mostly cafes, restaurant and giftshops though I did spot a wine cellar too.

This cafe was the first we came across and it looked inviting and warm.

There was a full breakfast menu but we were all stuffed from the Skyline buffet which we had the night before so we settled for an assortment of smaller items.

Latte, cappucino and flat white

Coffees were ordered to start with. There is nothing better than coffee in the tummy on an early morning in chilly New Zealand.

Veal pie

Dad ordered the veal pie. Arrowtown Bakery is supposedly famed for its pies and we could sort of see why.

Inside of veal pie

The veal was very tender and the pastry was flaky and moreish. It was served with a fruit chutney.

Hash browns

Just because he loves the stuff, dad also ordered mini serve of hash browns on the side. Judging by his expression, he truly enjoyed these.

Toasted ham, cheese and tomato croissant

I had the toasted ham, cheese and tomato croissant. Simple but gee it went down well.

Hot cross bun

Mum was a bit boring and ordered a hot cross bun. I tried a bit and well, it tasted like hot cross bun. I personally like mine with a bit of chocolate.

Vegetarian pie

Mark's parents ordered a veggie pie which, from what I could see, contained generous chunks of vegetables.

The service at Arrowtown Bakery was incredible. It was just an all-round lovely place to sit and chat and enjoy food.


  1. Amazing place to eat huh! pies are wonderful..I miss Arrowtown/ Queenstown..

  2. On September 11, 2001, we gave a skier a lift down from the remarkables ski area and asked him where to get a bite to eat. He told us where to get the best pies in the world. We went, we ate, we agreed. Drove on and spent the night at fox glacier. Next morning found out our country had been attacked. Until we were able to get home, every New Zealander treated us like family. Will never forget that. Won't forget the pies either.