Thursday, May 5, 2011

NZ trip - The Olive Tree Cafe in Te Anau

The Olive Tree Cafe
52 Town Centre, Te Anau

The rest of the gang got back from a cruise through Doubtful Sounds and were grumbling for a meal. I had just spend a day and half wandering through Te Anau aimlessly and knew there was basically one main street that contained most of the cafes and restaurants.

We stopped by The Olive Tree Cafe because it seemed cosy and busy. I asked to sit outside and instantly regretted this because it was freezing... but had too much pride to suggest changing tables.

The menu was extensive with a good selection of light meals. There was a whole page of specials.

Flat white

Mum ordered a coffee to warm up. It was quite good.

Lamb salad

Mark's parents ordered a Greek salad and warm lamb salad. The latter contained lovely, tender pieces of lamb and fresh veggies.

Greek salad

The Greek just contained fresh veggies with the addition of feta, olives and sun-dried tomatoes.

Seafood baguette

I ordered a seafood baguette. It was a strange meal item to me... a mixture of crumbed fish, calamari and smoked salmon, covered with thousand island sauce all sandwiched in a baguette. It was actually very tasty!

Salt and pepper squid

Mum ordered salt and pepper squid, which is something she orders quite frequently. She said this one was very good.

Lamb loins with rosemary and potatoes

Dad's pick was the lamb loins, which was a special of the day. Unfortunately, this lamb was quite tough and sinewy. The potatoes were alright though.

We liked The Olive Tree for its friendly service and cheerful atmosphere. It doesn't hurt that it was in prime location either.

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