Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Domino's New Free Range Chicken Pizzas

Domino's New Free Range Chicken Pizzas

Ah... Domino's pizza brings me way back. I remember as a kid, mum and dad would take me to Domino's as a little treat. We'd order Meatlovers in Deep Pan. That was our 'usual'. And we'd eat it steaming hot in the back of the car. My parents were of the opinion that pizza was best eaten IMMEDIATELY, not a minute later.

Times have changed. My favorite flavors are now vegetarian. I prefer Thin 'n' Crispy as a base. I NEVER have time to order and eat pizza out - it's gotta be delivered or nothing (those online orders/iPhone Apps help).

Another recent change is that Domino's are now using free range, locally sourced chicken on their chicken pizzas.

I got the news earlier this week and was totally keen to try it out. After vegetarian, chicken pizzas are my next best pick. Free range is not only more ethical, but it tastes better on everything else, so will it be the same on pizza?

Time to find out.

I scored 3 of the new flavors to try: chicken and feta, creamy chicken and cherry tomato, and finally, BBQ chicken and bacon.

Each box was opened with glee. I spend some time savoring the pizzas by appearance alone.

Chicken and feta pizza

Being a vego pizza lover, I like to see a bit of green. The chicken and feta pizza instantly spoke out to me. It had lush tendrils of what appears to be spinach... I don't know why but greenery on pizza just makes it look that much tastier. Is it my brain trying to gather evidence to the contrary and pretend pizza is a health food? Who cares. The chicken and feta was delish. There was a great mediterranean vibe happening with the feta and olives but nothing too crazy, which i like. These are the kinds of toppings I would use when making pizza at home.

Creamy chicken and cherry tomato pizza

Next, I tried the creamy chicken and cherry tomato flavor. How good does that sound? It tasted just as good. In fact, I have to say this was my favorite. I am a softy for fresh tomato on pizza. There is something about the tanginess that does wonders for cutting through the richness of a cheese topping.

BBQ chicken and bacon

The final flavor was BBQ chicken and bacon. This is obviously the manly flavor. Not one smidgeon of green. I was put off by sight but I grudgingly admit it tasted pretty good. The BBQ flavor had a nice sweetness to it. I didn't say no to a second slice.

Trio of flavors

Now, the important verdict: did I notice the free range difference? I can't say if it was my imagination or some kind of placebo effect but the chicken on the pizza did taste better to what I recall from the past.

Pizza in bed watching TV shows on laptop = win

I was always under the impression that chicken pizzas were a ripoff because you pay more and all you get is a few pieces of cardboard-textured cubes pretending to be 'chicken'. All the chicken on the 3 pizzas I tried tasted like real chicken. And not only that, the chicken was juiiicy.

The sad part was, I pointed this out to Byron when he had a helping and he said "there's hardly any chicken on here". While he may be a greedy male, that was sorta true. So, the quality of chicken has improved but in turn, that makes us want MORE on the pizza.

All in all, kudos for the change Domino's :).

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  1. thanks for the review, really helped + I just placed my order for a free-range chicken and feta pizza - which I would NEVER order if it wasn't free-range... am hoping that it's not just a marketing ploy...

    cheers Hungry Kittens!