Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pourboy Espresso for Breakfast

Pourboy Espresso

A car accident on the weekend lead to an emotional breakdown, which lead to good ol' mum rescuing me from Toowoomba. I spend a day recuperating and regaining sanity in Brisbane before feeling sound enough to head home on Tuesday. No way would mum be making another round trip to Toowoomba to take me there, once was tedious enough, so I was sent to the city to catch the coach.

That gave me some time to kill around Brisbane CBD. I felt a bit tortured about what to do... on one hand, I was still too fragile to have much of an appetite. On the other, 2 hours spent doing nothing is a long 2 hours.

I sent out a cry for help on Twitter asking for a breakfast recommendation and was promptly directed to Pourboy Espresso.

It was just the right distance away to provide a relaxing/time-consuming walk that wasn't too out of the way.

The cafe is quite small (I nearly missed it) and very 'typical-looking' of a CBD food outlet. By that I mean, it was clean cut with a corporate feel; nothing boutique or charming about the decor.

I ordered a skinny latte and the bircher muesli.


The coffee came quickish. It was good. I took a few nervous sips because I had trouble sleeping the night before and didn't want to get over-caffinated. In fact, I'll admit I ordered decaf (first time ever) but even so, I didn't know how 'effective' that is so I stayed safe.

Bircher muesli

The bircher muesli looked so pretty. I always admire places that attempt to make bircher presentable... essentially it is just a bowl of dull, soggy oats and things. Pourboy made an artsy effort with yogurt, berries, freshly grated apple and strawberries.

It was nice! The bircher was a healthy-tasting breakfast (a bit too tart for my liking) and was easy on my emotionally-drained stomach/body.

I headed back to the coach station with just a bit more of a spring in my step.

I've heard great things about Pourboy Espresso. It's a shame I didn't get to try more things but that's the downside to dining solo. I guess I'll just have to go back and try more!

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