Friday, October 28, 2011

High Tea at Miss D Cafe

Miss D Cafe

Last weekend, my dear mummy and I took a drive to an obscure cafe in Tarrigindi for high tea. I used to have an obsession with high tea. I recall that last year, or was it 2 years ago, I aimed to have high tea at every single establishment that offered it in Brisbane.

Obviously that never happened.

But anyway, I can at least tick Miss D off my insubstantial list of 'been there's.

We parked streetside and crossed a busy (scary) road to enter a tiny shop. Miss D doubles as a gift store so the layout is quite eccentric. It looks like a retail store... but there's a counter with cakes and a couple of tiny, dainty tables.

We were seated at one such table towards the back of the shop/cafe. It was laid out with cute plates, cups and cutlery but we queried how anything else would fit on the small tabletop.

English breakfast tea

Our first offering was of English breakfast tea. Mum and I were totally n00b that morning and forgot to use a strainer. Oops. That explains why the photo of my cup has little tea leaves floating around in it.

I'm in no way, shape or form a tea expert. Mum seems to know her stuff a bit more than me and she commented that the tea had a beautiful golden colour.

The triple tier of mini treats arrived next. Now, THIS is more my thang - tea, I don't know... but food is something I have an opinion on. I forgot the proper high tea etiquette... to start at the top or bottom? The top tier had all the sweet goodies so even though I initially thought we should start from the top and work our way down, my instinct for finishing on a sweet note won out. We started on the bottom tier.

Savory tier

The savories included finger sandwiches, mini ham and cheese croissants, baby quiches and pizza buttons. Honestly, they were all delicious. There was amazing attention to detail.

Chicken finger sandwich

The finger sandwiches were so fresh and had all the crust removed. We saved a ham and cheese croissant for dad and even though it was cold by then, he scoffed it down.

Scones with jam and cream

The middle contained 2 chubby scones, a dish of cream and a dish of jam. What else do you need?

Scone close-up

Fans of the cooking aspect of my blog will know I was quite a scone fanatic. I haven't made any batches recently because I've sorta stopped cooking (stupid, tiny rental kitchen and busy work schedule). I will still happily enjoy eating a scone anytime though.

These were good. They had that lovely homemade consistency rather than the horrible bread-like wannabe scones you get at some cafes. These crumbled nicely and the cream and jam were delish too.

Sweet tier

Finally, we had worked our way to tier 3. Mum was weakening in her resolve and didn't have enough stomach space to even try some of these sweets (she's a small lady) but I'm well-practiced. The caramel tart was surprisingly runny but still delicious. I thought the lemon cake was nice and light. The little cupcake was sooooo adorable, and tasty too.

We had a nice time at Miss D's. I have rekindled my affection for high tea! The service was incredibly friendly and the food was thoughtful and delicious. Although our table was tiny, the servingware was cute and we liked the atmosphere.

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