Monday, October 17, 2011

The Vita-Wheat Lunch Slice Challenge!

The Vita-Wheat Lunch Slice Challenge!
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I was trawling through Twitter recently when I found 'The Cook's notebook' had announced a competition featuring new Vita-Wheat Lunch Slices. This unexpectedly planted a seed in my brain and I found myself craving Vita-Wheats all day. Come grocery time, I couldn't resist popping a packet of the Pumpkin, Sunflower and Canola variety into my trolley.

So whilst I wasn't originally planning to enter, I subconsciously started plotting ideas for toppings. When I came home for lunch today I rummaged through my fridge/pantry for all likely topping candidates and lined them up on my bench: salads, tuna, cheese, spreads... anyhow, this is what I've come up with and this is what I had for lunch today.

I decided to do a sweet and savory Vita-Wheat slice; Vita-Wheat over 2 courses, if you will.

Vita-Wheat slice with avocado, grape tomatoes and feta

The first is a very simple combination. I find that with these things, simple is often the best and alas, if you go overboard with the toppings, it gets difficult to eat anyway. Let's be practical here.

I plopped on slices from half an avocado, then layered on halved grape tomatoes and a smattering of fetta. The final touch was a sprinkling of salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Vita-Wheat slice with cream cheese, banana, pistachios, cinnamon and honey

My 'dessert Vita-Wheat' is supposed to be a bit more creative. I spread some Phily cream cheese over the surface to start with (BTW, extra-light cream cheese looks suspiciously transparent and has little to no flavor).

A few slices of rare-as-gold bananas were placed on top. I used chopped pistachios but I think any roasted nut would have been good. To finish, it was a sprinkle of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey.

I happily gorged on my Vita-Wheat meal. Verdict? The Vita-Wheat slices are a bit like the equivalent of crunchy grain bread. I once bought these 'Damora' brand pumpkin and sunflower whole wheat crackers from Aldi and LOVED them. This flavor of Vita-Wheat Lunch Slices reminded me of those crackers... only, much bigger and therefore, much better. You can get quite a lot onto one slice. Nutritionally, they're similar in calories to bread but it's good because if you're clever, you only need one slice, not two.

My picks for easy toppings would be:
1. Butter, sliced tomato, salt
2. Butter, vegemite


  1. Yummo, so sold! I love your topping ideas, you are a natural. I love reading your blog, your reviews are the perfect mix of down to earth practicality with a bit of posh to set the review nicely and thoroughly! I love that you clearly enjoy trying new flavours, and find that very inspiring, and you even have revealed some new places to nosh and to "never nosh" which is a godsend in brissy, as the food quality is very hit and miss, I find (on the southside!) Thanks for keeping such a great blog, and dont worry about all the fancy names of every dish being captured and details, the fact that you are too busy enjoying the food, and the experience is the true mission of any food critique, the details can come later - you can always send them an email and maybe get some blog loving too.

    I just love your dad's honest appraisal of the "mayonaise with bacon" so funny, yes it may not be posh, but it's extremely relatable and reaffirms to us, that even though we love posh eats, that we dont have to be twats about it either. I trust your dads rendition to be exactly what he says, bless him!

  2. Hi Anonymous...

    Aww your comment was so nice. You've just made my day. Thanks for reading my blog and I'm glad it makes sense/is helpful to some degree :).