Sunday, May 26, 2013

Breakfast and Coffee and Cocoawoo

69 Charlotte Street, Brisbane CBD

I needed to kill time on Friday before a seminar in Brisbane. Breakfast is always a good place to start and provided you find the right spot, it's easy to linger and pass an hour.

I was wondering around the city looking for a likely spot when I passed Cocoawoo and doubled back. I know that it's mostly known for dessert, or at least that's what it intended when it first opened. The shop front is small and cosy and it pulls off being a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop.

There are a couple of small tables inside and a large, broad table that's fine for a few strangers to sit apart, minding their own business, without feeling too cramped.

The breakfast menu is really simple, with toast, fruit toast, croissants, muffins etc. I stuck with my usual of avocado on toast.


The latte at Cocoa Woo was very good. It came with a small piece of chocolate wafer too, which was a nice addition.

Little freebie

I was just going on about the lack of wafer appreciation in Australia here so it was satisfying to see that I'm not the only person to enjoy them. They are really great with coffee.

Avocado on toast

My avocado on toast came as 2 pieces of multigrain with sliced, fresh avocado on top. It had been lightly sprinkled with salt but I was given salt and pepper shakers to adjust to my liking. A slice of lemon completed the dish. The menu description was for sourdough so I'm not sure if it was changed to multigrain or if it was multigrain sourdough but it was nice toast anyway. The avocado was beautiful - creamy with just the right amount of ripeness. I've been too used to 'smashed avocado' of late so I struggled with balancing the slices on the toast. Smashed avocado spread is easier to eat but I think actual slices taste better texturally, provided the quality is there.

Cocoa Woo was a cute place to hang out and type up a few restaurant reviews whilst enjoying breakfast and coffee. It felt quiet and peaceful and the staff were very friendly. I would have loved to try some of their sweet treats too but on the way out, there were heaps of people in the queue so I guess I'll just have to stop by another time.
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