Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gold Coast - Breakfast at Beach Cafe

The Surfers Paradise Beach Cafe
4 The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise

In Brisbane, Marc never wakes up early enough to get breakfast with me. I usually get bored/fed up and head out on my own. When we're away for the weekend though, we can compromise and meet in the middle.

We went for a stroll along Surfers. It was another gorgeous day but it still felt quite cold so I really wanted a spot in the sun. Unfortunately, everyone else seemed to have the same idea because all the spots in direct sunlight were taken up. We ended up at Beach Cafe because it looked nice and not too busy.

Most of the tables at Beach Cafe are in this outdoor undercover area. The tables and chairs range from deck chairs to bar stools so there's an array of seating styles to choose from. There's a nice glimpse of the ocean not too far off.

The menu is very standard with all the routine bacon and egg options. Marc chose a big breakfast and I went with a Canadian pancake stack.

Mango smoothie

For our drinks, Marc had a mango smoothie and I chose a latte.


The latte was actually better than I expected. It tasted creamy? Maybe they use nice milk.

Canadian pancakes

My breakfast was fairly simple with a short stack of plain pancakes, bacon and maple syrup. The bacon was cooked well and there was just enough to go with the pancakes.

On goes the maple syrup

They weren't the best pancakes I've tasted but I was satisfied by the end.

Big breakfast

Marc's plate was piled with various breakfast goodies. He attacked the toast first and I couldn't help but notice that for someone who doesn't like eggs, he demolished those eggs quite thoroughly. I tried a piece of hashbrown and it was nice and crunchy.

The Beach Cafe was a typical coastal cafe that would be suitable for tourists and locals alike. The food menu was simple but had all the go-to classics. Items were reasonably priced and the servings were large.
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