Sunday, May 19, 2013

Coolum - Lunch at Raw Energy

Raw Energy Coolum 

Our first night in Coolum involved pigging out on self-made burritos, entire bottles of wine and corn chips. Feeling understandably under the weather the following day, Marc and I took a stroll along the beach before settling down to some much needed rest and sunshine. Come lunch time, we were resolved to find something healthy, fresh and light.

Walking past the restaurants and cafes that lined the main road, we came across Raw Energy. It boasted freshly made sandwiches and freshly squeezed juice so it was exactly what we were hoping for. We lined up to order before taking up a seat at one of the many outdoor tables.

Raw Energy offers a vast range of sandwiches, wraps, smoothies and juices. It was a real task deciding just one thing that I wanted because everything sounded so good! I suppose at this point in the day the corn chips were long metabolised and my body was keen for something new to work with.

Amusingly, Raw Energy gives out artificial fruit in place of tables numbers. We were a capsicum and we took up a table that had the previous patrons' artificial banana on it. I had an immature giggle when a waitress came out to clear the plates and asked "was there anything else on your banana?"

Soya surprise and mango tango smoothies

Our beverages arrived first. Marc had gone for the Mango Tango smoothie, whilst I was lured in by the Soya Surprise. I love soy milk and soy in coffee even though I've worked out that I'm not actually lactose intolerant. I just like the taste of soy. I enjoyed this smoothie because it was refreshing and not too sweet. Marc said he hadn't tried soy milk before and after this, decided that he didn't care much for it.

Organic beef burger with spicy tomato sauce

When we saw our food arrive, we had to admit that our plan to eat light was a great failure. Marc's organic beef burger was taller than perhaps any burger I've seen in recent memory. He didn't even attempt to eat it whole but resorted to knife and fork. He commented that there was tonnes of salad, but in a good way (as a guy, I guess he had to clarify that). The meat was also nice and juicy.

Chicken salad galore - with fresh garden salad, avocado, garlic and feta spread

Even my sandwich, which I was sure would be light was just chockas with veggies. All the ingredients were indeed very fresh, something that is undeniably important in foods like sandwiches and wraps.

Close-up layer shot

I liked the beetroot and feta spread because it transformed the sandwich from just being a boring healthy meal to something flavorsome and interesting.

After our meal at Raw Energy, all I could think about was how much I wished I had a place like this near my work. I could live off lunches like this every day and I'm sure it'd be healthier and better tasting than what I've been force-feeding myself at home.

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