Sunday, May 19, 2013

Coolum - Breakfast at Sorrento's By The Beach

Sorrento's By The Beach
1786 David Low Way, Coolum Beach

On our last moring in Coolum, something strange happened. This may surprise some; in fact, Marc simply classes me as 'alien' because of it, but I don't really like bacon that much. Apparently regular humans refer to it amongst the tastiest of food items ever but I find myself almost shunning the thought of it. This morning, however, a strong impulse for bacon took over me and I insisted that we must get some for breakfast.

Sorrento's was the other cafe on the strip that caught our attention the previous day. The menu contained a multitude of bacon options so it was perfect for what I wanted. We ordered our food and took up one of the tables outside.

Iced coffee and mango smoothie

Our drinks arrived first. Marc went for a mango smoothie (I think it's his go-to holiday beverage) and I chose an iced coffee. The iced coffee was exactly how I like them made with real coffee, milk and ice, no sugar syrup but instead, a floating ball of vanilla ice-cream. Yummo.

Surfer's Breakfast - with toast, baked beans, breakfast sausages and bacon (added on)

I ordered something called the Surfer's Breakfast with the addition of bacon. It comprised of 4 half slices of buttered toast, breakfast sausages, baked beans and the bacon, as requested. It's far from a creative, gourmet breakfast but it was exactly what I wanted. Even the fact that the 'sausages' were more like elongated cylinders of fried spam than proper sausages tickled me just right. The baked beans couldn't possibly have been anything other than heated up out of the can but I was fine with it.

Eggs benedict turkish roll

Marc's pick of the morning was the eggs benedict turkish roll. It arrived as 2 poached eggs sitting on warm turkish bread, drizzled in hollondaise sauce. There was also some bacon and spinach on the plate, completing the meal.

I think Sorrento's is a good spot for a hearty, inexpensive breakfast by the water. The menu supplies all the classics and the servings are filling. They would definitley fulfill most people's idea of hangover food or post-surf/workout food. I found the service to be quite speedy too.

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