Saturday, May 11, 2013

Coffee stop at Paladar Fumior Salon

Paladar Fumior Salon Espresso

Living part-time in South Brisbane for the past year, I've grown very familiar with the area. Nevertheless, a certain building on Merivale Street remained a mystery to me. Every time I walked past, it seemed closed. Was it a bar? Was it a coffee shop? Or a hair salon. The eye-catching red walls and rooftop terrace made it very appealing to me yet I couldn't figure out what it was or how to get in.

One morning, I was on my way to the city when I noticed the door to the red building open. I discovered the name of the place to be Paladar Fumior Salon (hence why I thought it was a hair salon at one stage) and that it was a coffee shop. It was very busy at that time of the day with a queue almost leaking out the door. I altered my routine for the morning and decided I would be having breakfast there before continuing to the shops.

I figured out that the reason the place always seemed closed to me is that they don't do weekend trade and I'm generally only in Brisbane on weekends. This happened to be a Friday so I got lucky. The cafe is very much an espresso bar with the owner behind a huge coffee machine churning out cup after cup of freshly brewed coffee.

The majority of customers were grabbing their cuppas takeaway but I took a cup to sip out the back in the courtyard. Paladar Fumior has a gorgeous, quiet, enclosed courtyard and the aforementioned rooftop terrace. There weren't many food options besides some outsourced bakery goods but I grabbed a muffin to go with my coffee and perched myself at one of the outside tables.


My coffee was excellent, which is the first thing to point out, considering it's primarily a coffee shop.

Apple berry muffin

The muffin was large and filling and reasonably moist. It was good but nothing outstanding. I didn't really mind though because to me, the place was all about sitting back and enjoying the coffee and the morning.

I set up my tablet there and started typing up draft reviews for this blog. It was a great working environment. I think Paladar Fumior is a wonderful place to stop for coffee and maybe even catch up with friends. It's decor is quirky and the owner was absolutely delightful too. Note: CASH ONLY
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