Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lunch at Super Whatnot

Super Whatnot 

I wanted to go to Super Whatnot since it first opened shop goodness knows how long ago. One minute it didn't exist and the next, it was being featured in every Brisbane food culture publication imaginable. Not only is the name quirky and intriguing, the photos I saw of the small bar looked awesome and the menu descriptions I read were right up my alley.

It took me a while to find the opportunity to go there. Because the venue is so cosy, I figured it'd be very busy on weekend nights and as Marc and I aren't rich in patience, a quiet weekday would be more suitable.

We ended up at Super Whatnot for Friday lunch. It was fairly early (maybe just before noon?) but the kitchen was ready to go. I liked the fitout right away. It was urban and industrial without being cold or heartless. In fact, it felt like the perfect environment to pop into for drinks and food, which I'm sure is what they were going for.

Marc selected a beer for us; we shared because he was going back to work afterwards. He did think the beers were overpriced though, at $9ish for a normal size and our jumbo one being close to $14.

The food menu was different to what I had previously read so I can only conclude that they update it regularly. Marc commented that this was a good idea to encourage repeat business; because the menu is quite limited, changing it regularly would prevent boredom.

Pao de queijo - brazillian cheese bread

We selected a few things to share. The cheese bread arrived first. They were cute, small balls heaped into a clay pot. The balls were chewy and cheesy and Marc loved them but I thought they were too dry. A dipping sauce would have been good.

Rasta chicken - crunchy, jamaican peppered chicken and bob sauce

The chicken came next. These were awesome. I definitely couldn't complain of dryness here as the chicken was so moist and juicy, which an almost cornflake-like crunchy batter. They were served with something called Bob sauce, which tasted like a mix of tomato sauce and mayo. It was good but the chicken drumettes were perfect with just a squeeze of lime. I also noticed that the bones had been frenched and were thus very neat and easy to hold onto.

Super chili dog - los dos hermanos beef sausage, jose's hot sauce, cheese

I insisted on the hotdog because I'm going through something of a hotdog obsession phase ever since I tried The Snag Stand. This hotdog was also brilliant. The frankfurt was juicy and the bread was just toasted with a tangy sauce and molten cheese over the top. I like that it was cut up into easy share pieces. It came with a lemon wedge too but I didn't think that was necessary or suitable.

I really enjoyed Super Whatnot and can definitely imagine breaking my no-repeat rule to eat/drink there again. The staff were incredibly friendly and I loved their lounge set up. I think it would be ace for a private party venue. The food comprised of familiar bar favorites with just a bit of quirkiness to make them interesting, and all done really well.
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