Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Breakfast at Reverends espresso

Reverends espresso
372 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley

It's not often that I find myself roaming the Fortitude Valley by myself in the morning. I bought a couple of massage coupons on Travelzoo and they were for a place in the valley so twice I ended up there needing to kill time before my appointment. I grabbed a coffee at Riverends on the first occasion and liked it enough to remember to go back for breakfast the second time.

Riverends has a small shop front but it seems to extend towards the back. I didn't go exploring so don't hold me to that. There are a couple of lovely little tables at the front that are just perfect for street watching. I was lucky enough to score a spot both times I went.

There is an active coffee trade with many people popping in for takeaway cuppas. Because of this, even though the cafe looks really busy at times, most people are just milling around waiting for coffees and there might still be spare tables for dine-in visitors.


My latte was good on both occasions although they go against tradition and serve them in cups rather than glasses. Not that it makes a difference to me. I noticed that they use Maleny Dairy milk.

Interestingly, the menu changed the second time I was there and it had only been a month since the first visit. I think they were introducing more wintery breakfast options because the bircher muesli I had been eyeing off had turned into porridge.

Smashed avocado and feta on  sourdough toast

For breakfast, I went with avocado and toast. I'm somewhat of an expert on avo on toast now that I get it so much. This version was simple but very good. The avocado was just right and I really like the bread they used.

Riverends is the kind of cafe that I'd go to all the time if it was convenient for me. It's small and sometimes busy but the staff always seem chilled and relaxed. The food and coffee is good too.

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