Monday, October 13, 2014

Cabassi and Co for Lunch

Cabassi and Co Artisan Butchers
Shop 1065, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, Indooroopilly

I've been feeling extra productive this week in one aspect of my life, and that's eating. I have a casual rule for this blog that I more or less stick to. When I dine out alone and can thus only try one food item at a restaurant/cafe/whatever, I give it at least one more try before I publish an opinion. This means that my view doesn't get too skewed by one extremely good or bad experience and I can talk about at least 2 different products. Because I'm always trying new food venues, it's not as easy as you'd think to revisit a previous destination.

This week, I made a conscious effort to revisit 3 places that I had been to before but couldn't review because there wasn't enough to write about. Cabassi and Co was one of these locations.

My first visit to Cabassi and Co was actually a while ago. In truth, I had intended to eat there even before that but I got too intimidated by the set up and went to Oliver and Co instead. What I mean by this is that Cabassi and Co is very much a gourmet butcher but there is a section at the front where you can buy and eat on the premise.

The first time I saw this, I got confused and couldn't figure out where to order from. The second time, there were others ordering so I followed suit.

The ready-to-eat items include sausage rolls, pies, burgers and more. I think I even spotted salads and things on their dinner menu but I've only been for lunch. My first order at Cabassi and Co was the wagyu beef burger. I saw a selection of Noah's juices and I picked the tomato one to try.

Tomato and red pepper juice

The burger did take a while before it was ready but you get to see it being cooked right in front of you so it's at least a bit entertaining. I nearly finished my juice while I was waiting and discovered I actually quite enjoy unsweetened veggie juices.

Wagyu burger with aioli

I thought my burger looked absolutely adorable when it was served. I've been eating a lot of burgers recently so I've learnt to be a bit critical. This one was good but not great.

Close-up of burger

The roll is a bread roll rather than a burger bun. The patty has a strong meaty flavour but it wasn't juicy at all. I couldn't tell it was wagyu. This was like a very good home BBQ burger rather than a restaurant burger, which makes sense considering you could probably buy this patty at the butcher and make the same style of burger at home.

Pork and fennel sausage roll and apple, peach and kiwi juice

On my second and more recent visit to Cabassi and Co, I tried one of their gourmet sausage rolls. They come in a few different flavours and the one I chose was pork and sage.

It's a big sausage roll...

I wanted to like this because I actually drove to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre just to try it after seeing it in the window on my previous visit.

Close-up of sausage roll filling

They are definitely impressive-looking sausage rolls due to size alone. However, my idea of a sausage roll is a soft meaty filling full of flavour. This was more like a dense, slightly-elastic meatloaf with some pastry around the outside. I don't know if it's because I had a pork sausage roll or if the beef one would have been any better. It wasn't terrible but definitely not my idea of a sausage roll.

To end on a positive note, I tested another of Noah's juices, this one with fruit (kiwi, peach, mango and more) and it was delicious! Whatever else I thought of my experiences here, I have become a Noah's juice convert.

Sad to say I didn't love the eat-on-premise meals I had at Cabassi and Co. It still looks like a fabulous butchery though. The meats hanging on display look unreal. I just don't think I'll be popping in for any more lunches.
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