Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lunch at Seoul Bistro

Seoul Bistro
2/152 Turton Street, Sunnybank

Yes, yes I've already mentioned endless times that I'm addicted to Korean food. Over the past weekend, this kicked up a notch because I was literally craving Korean food every single meal. We had it for lunch on Saturday at Hong Depot and again for lunch on Sunday. I even did a search for new Korean places to try just so I wasn't exhausting my usual haunts. This search lead us to Seoul Bistro in Sunnybank.

There was a big birthday gathering at Seoul Bistro that day so I didn't manage to snap a photo of the shopfront (didn't want to be the weirdo that gets yelled at for taking photos of strangers and their kids). The restaurant is smallish with a few tables inside and out. We took up one of the inside tables.

Our waiter kindly warned us that the big group had just ordered their food so we would likely have to wait 25min for ours. I don't think it ended up being that long but even if it was, I didn't mind because he was nice enough to give us a heads up. I also heard him apologising to everyone and saying that their service was usually more efficient. Honestly, most places that I've been to recently don't give a rats bum if you're stuck waiting so it was a refreshing change to even hear some empathy.

Marc and I took the easy route of ordering and went for a set meal. The suggested serving was for 2-3 people and we figured since we were 2 people with big appetites, this would be just the right amount. I also ordered a matcha green tea latte.

Matcha green tea latte

The latte was less sweet than I expected, which is a great thing because I can't stand overly sugary drinks. It was very creamy and had a distinct matcha flavour. I found it comforting and warming.

The first of our foods to arrive at the table was the spicy grilled chicken. It came on an enormous hot plate and the marinated chicken and veg were raw so we were instructed to stir fry it ourselves before eating.


In the meantime, our entree of takoyaki arrived. These were creamy and freshly cooked with ample toppings of mayo and benito flakes. It was great to have something to line the tummy as our chicken cooked.

Spicy grilled chicken and vegetables

The grilled chicken was really delicious. The marinade was a good balance of sweet, spicy, salty and sour. The chicken pieces were abundant and quite tender. They must have been marinated for a long time because the flavour went right through the chicken. Everything went well with the rice that also came as part of the set.

Yang nyum chicken wings

The last component of our set meal was the yang nyum chicken wings. I was expecting sweet and sour saucy wings and these are that but so much more. They are candied in a crunchy, spicy, sweet caramel coating that gave a glass-like crackle to each bite. If fried chicken is already sinful food for a dieter, these are even worst for the waistline. But by gosh do they taste good. A large plate of this would be the perfect accompaniment to many glasses of ice cold beer. They are finger-licking delicious. I normally don't like wings because they're so much effort but these were well worth it. I ended up with sauce all over my fingers and face and actually shuffled over to the seat on my right to avoid being near my sauce mess. I did wish we had some wet wipes though! I improvised and 'washed' my hands in my cup of water.

We really loved the food at Seoul Bistro. Service might have been a bit slow that day but they were forthcoming and very apologetic about it. The food we tried was excellent value, in huge servings and vey delicious. I highly recommend the yang nyum chicken. It's a winner!

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