Friday, October 10, 2014

Sunny Seoul for Korean BBQ

Sunny Seoul BBQ Restaurant
3a/95 Mains Road, Sunnybank

In continuation with my love for Korean, I passed my personal best by having Korean BBQ twice last weekend. Once was with family and the other was with friends. Jenny recommended that we visit Sunny Seoul because of its array of sides. I'm trying to increase my repertoire of Korean restaurants to beyond Brisbane CBD so I was happy to try this place in Sunnybank.

Sunny Seoul is located in a small complex of restaurants along Mains Road. We drove along until we spotted the sign and pulled in for a park. It's pretty hard to miss but parking is slightly competitive around dinner time.

The restaurant fitting is casual and cheery with plain eggplant purple walls and primary school style wooden furnishings. It wasn't too busy when we had dinner there on a Friday night. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that for that week, they were listed as "permanently closed" on Urbanspoon. This is what nearly influenced us to try a different restaurant but when I rang Sunny Seoul, I found they were still very much open. This status has since been amended online.

The menu here is comprehensive with all the usual Korean favourites, not just BBQ. There were hot pot options, rice bowls, lots of appetizers and more. Our group ended up choosing the BBQ deluxe platter, plus a kim chi pancake and seafood pancake to share.

I was concerned we might not have enough food because I was voting for the BBQ + hotpot pack. When our plate of meat was brought out, I happily admitted I was wrong because just the BBQ set was more than enough food for our group of 5.

Kim chi pancake

The kim chi pancake arrived first. It had a nice savoury flavour without being too loaded with kim chi. I guess that might be a flaw for some but I've always said I'm not the biggest kim chi fan so for me, that was a plus.

Seafood pancake

I still preferred the seafood pancake simply because it had more stuff in it. In fact, this version was so loaded with content that each piece was difficult to pick up. It was a bit like a seafood rosti with large chunks of shallot, onion and carrot.

Meat platter

Our meat platter included a huge variety of marinated and fresh pork and beef cuts. I believe there was some chicken in there as well but we cooked that right at the end and by then, I was too full for chicken. My favourites were the bulgogi beef and marinated pork and I also enjoyed the ox tongue.

Complimentary sides

As promised Sunny Seoul definitely had the greatest array of sides I've seen in any Korean restaurant in Brisbane. As well as the quintessential kim chi, there was potato salad, noodle salad, spicy cucumber, pickled spicy veggies and more. The best part is, refills are allowed!

Each of us walked out of this restaurant stuffed to the brim. The meat was so delicious and although we didn't order rice or veggies, we were entirely satisfied being greedy carnivores for the night. We found the service to be speedy and friendly. In fact, when I rang to make the booking, the girl who took my call was the friendliest person I've heard on a phone in a long, long time (and that's including my friends and family).
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