Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Donuts from Donut King

Halloween Donuts from Donut King

Halloween is near! Over the years, I've gone from feeling resistant towards this very American tradition to gradually embracing it as a new excuse to dress up, party and eat tonnes of candy. This year, I'll be in Shanghai, unfortunately missing out on some awesome-sounding Halloween parties that friends are throwing. Even so, nothing can stop me from enjoying some cheeky treats.

Some of the gorgeous Halloween designs; this is the photo I saw on FB

Donut King recently contacted me to sample some of their new Halloween donuts. I had a look online and it just so happens that a friend of mine posted pics from her local Donut King onto her Facebook feed. I instantly fell in love with the adorable, mildly horror-themed designs. In particular, the man with a stab wound made me simultaneously say 'nawww' and 'ewww'. I couldn't wait to try them!

Marc and I did a search for Donut King locations near us and found that the closest one was in Myer Centre, Brisbane CBD. Because parking in the city is so costly, we braved the heat and walked there to have lunch and pick up the donuts.

My selection

This particular Donut King didn't have any of the designs I'd seen. There were a few that were labelled as 'halloween donuts' so we chose some of those plus a couple of dinosaur shapes. Most designs came with either a strawberry or chocolate icing.

It was a real effort carrying the 6 pack of donuts back home without sneaking a bite. They smelt so good, even through the box.

I tried a speckled man-shaped donut for afternoon tea yesterday. It was really yummy. The donut itself was perfectly soft and squishy. The icing was sugary and sweet and the candy toppings gave each bite a bit of pop and crunch.

Close-up bite shot

If you're having a halloween party this year, if you need to bring a plate to a party or even if you just enjoy tasty sweets, give Donut King's halloween donuts a try. I was a tad disappointed they didn't have all the designs on the website but in terms of taste, they were yummo. Thanks Donut King!

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