Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Coco Jungle for Coffee and Dessert

Coco Jungle Chocolate Lounge
Shop 111, Sunnybank Plaza, Sunnybank

Close friend of mine, Bee, hopped up to QLD for a quick visit of her family a couple of weeks ago. With my working on Saturdays and her tight schedule, it was difficult to coordinate a meeting but we finally managed to have a group catchup over coffee at Coco Jungle. Hien and I got there first and we were hungry enough to order some sweets while we waited.

Coco Jungle is located near the cinemas in Sunnybank Plaza. There are lots of hot and cold drink options, including some flavoured hot chocolates that I really wanted to try.

The display cabinets were full of cakes and sweets. It was difficult to zero in on what I wanted to order. In the end, I went for churros and a beverage.

I realised that a sweet drink and a sugary dessert would be too much, even for me, so I opted for a soy latte instead.

Soy latte

The latte was a bit milky and weak for my liking. Hien and I argued over the fact that lattes and flat whites were not the same thing (he said they were, just served in different glasses; Wiki proved that he was wrong). He had ordered a cappuccino which we both acknowledged was different to the others because of its foaminess and sprinkling of cocoa.

Churros for one

I chose churros as my dessert/arvo snack because I absolutely love churros. I love them! I was even a bit apprehensive when I read on the menu that this serve of churros would in fact, just be one churro cut into 3 pieces.

Dipped in chocolate

It ended up being sufficient anyway, especially with the accompanying chocolate dip (an essential), fresh strawberries and ice-cream.

Nutella and strawberry crepes

Hien ordered the crepes with Nutella, fresh strawberries and strawberry ice-cream. I personally prefer crispy, thin crepes to the floppy type but he wasn't complaining so I'm sure it was still alright.

The others arrived a bit later and also ordered various beverages but I didn't snap photos or get feedback on those. What I liked about Coco Jungle was that we felt comfortable hanging out there for as long as we liked, chatting away even after our food and drinks were consumed. I think that's really important for any social meeting place because the very worst thing you can feel is rushed.
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