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BEST Chewy & Oozy Chocolate Cookies

Chewy & Oozy Chocolate Cookies
Home Cooking

Yes I know it's impossible to REALLY claim a cookie recipe as 'the best'. Everyone is so varied in their preference for flavors, textures, size and whatnot. I like most cookies... be it soft or chunky or crumbly or crisp. Given all that, I still totally dig this recipe because it is soooo easy and fool proof.

With cakes, I feel reluctant to repeat a recipe more than once because there are so many out there to try out. The same principle applies to cookie recipes... I mean, I've literally bookmarked dozens of them thinking to myself "I HAVE to give this a go" but somehow, when I find myself craving home-baked cookies, I return to this recipe.

To give you an idea of the final product, the title really tells all. The cookies are soft and chewy in texture. I actually found the recipe when searching for a replica of the Subway cookies. If you like those ones, you'll like these more.

Freshly baked, the chocolate chunks are molten and the cookie is slightly crisp on the outside but sticky and soft on the inside.

Chewy & Oozy Chocolate Cookies

Makes 9 large cookies

  • 90g butter, softened
  • 1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk
  • 1/6 cup white sugar
  • 3/4 cup self-raising flour
  • addition: chocolate chunks (I used whole squares of Cadbury Dream chocolate. Try using nuts, mixture of chocolate chips, peanut M&Ms etc)
  • topping: chocolate & milk (approx 7:1 ratio. I used Lindt milk chocolate)

1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius and line a biscuit tray with non-stick paper.
2. Combine butter, condensed milk, sugar and self-raising flour in a bowl until the mixture is even. I just used a fork and mashed everything together bit by bit. Easiest thing EVER. Let your boyfriend do this if you don't trust him with anything else :).3. Add your extra nice bits. I just mixed in my white chocolate squares.
4. Use a tbsp and spoon round mounds of the cookie dough onto the baking tray, approx 2-3cm apart (they expand when baking). Make sure you incorporate a bit of chocolate (or whatever it is you chose to add) in each blob and keep it evenly distributed or you might create a bit of jealousy.
5. Squish the mounds down a bit. Bake for approx 15min until the cookies are slightly golden.
6. Cool on a rack for about 10min. While this was happening, I made my chocolate drizzle by melting together the milk and chocolate (I did this in the microwave but you may use a saucepan). Once the cookies are adequately cooled (no longer steaming hot), drizzle the chocolate on. This stage is obviously optional and open to adaptation.7. Let the cookies cool for a bit more. Don't try to pry them from the tray before they're allowed to cool for at least 15min because they'll be too soft and crumble everywhere.
8. Serve while they're still slightly warm but hardened enough to keep their shape.

It's pretty clear from the ingredients list that this is about as far from health food as you can get... WELL all I have to say is that if these cookies are bad for your body, they're good for your soul. There's no egg in the recipe so the raw dough would be good for mixing into fresh home ice-cream. In moderation, this is ultimate comfort food. Just be careful because they're so speedy to whip up that you'll find it hard to talk yourself out of making batches spontaneously.

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