Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It doesn't make me like cleaning but it helps...

Things I like

Against strict instructions, Charlie bought Windex spray and wipe instead of a Pine-O-Clean branded one. It's not like I'm bent on using Pine-O-Clean... I guess all those adds emphasizing that it's not clean unless it's Pine-O-Clean has drilled into my mind.

We wanted to use a spray so that after wiping the bench, the cloths wouldn't breed bacteria and smell bad, needing to be thrown out after 2-3 uses. I was fine with the Windex spray so long as it did the job.

What surprised me was how it smelt. You get cleaning products that smell like nothing, smell really awful and smell 'OK' without being pleasant.

In my opinion (and Charlie's too), this yellow Windex actually smells REALLY good. There's no where on the packaging that announces this fact so it was really by luck that we chose it. After some discussion, we concluded that the smell was candy-like. Charlie was a bit more specific and narrowed it down to 'Whizz Fizz'.

This isn't a fragrance like those orange/citrus cleaning smells that just mask the chemical odor underneath... the candy scent is truly delightful. If you need that extra motivation to get you spraying and wiping around your house, give this a try.

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