Sunday, January 11, 2009

First post

Thanks for visiting this new blog

With Hungry Kittens, I'm aiming to create a food and cooking blog, based in the city of Brisbane.

I'll give comprehensive and personal reviews for the various restaurants I visit and also step-by-step recounts of my cooking experiences.

So... for everything from fast food to fine dining and home roasting to baking, please feel free to follow my culinary journey.

I love food and cooking but I'm also a beginner so please feel free to leave advice and comments.

Some notes about my cooking:
  • I work in Metric units so if I find recipes that don't use Metric, I'll convert first.
  • I generally just have to cater for myself and my boyfriend so I tend to reduce recipes a lot. I will halve or even quarter recipes if I can and of course, there will be slight inaccuracies in my quantities. However, I'll always report if my amounts work out well (or if they don't) so if you, like me, also want to try small versions of popular recipes, I'm sure you'll find my posts helpful. On the other hand, if you want the original quantities, I always source my recipes and provide links if they can be found online.
Cheers and hope you enjoy this blog.
Remember to bookmark and come back often to view new posts - I update regularly.

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