Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gold Coast: Il Gelato Veneziano

Il Gelato Veneziano
Surf Parade, Broadbeach

It's a mystery but I can't find any mention of Il Gelato on the Gold Coast anywhere online. There are several references to one in Perth but I don't know if they're even related. Consequently, I can't detail the location but it was just across the road from Oberoi's Taj in Broadbeach so presumably, the address is somewhere along Surf Parade.

We made a quick pit stop here for dessert after the Indian cuisine at lunchtime. Obviously, it would have been around 1-2pm but I got the feeling that the place doesn't get busy until the evening. The shopfront is quite small - there's a fridge with lots of gelato flavors to chose from and 1 or 2 little tables.

I chose the Ferrero Raffaello flavor because that's one of my favorite chocolates (in my opinion, it OWNS over Ferrero Rocher) and Charlie chose Turkish delight. This is another example of something he likes that I can't stand. I'm starting to think that he's doing this strategically so I don't steal his food...

Raffaello flavor - so delicious

I'm a self-proclaimed ice-cream fanatic and almost without fail always get ice-cream when I'm out for a meal. This is one of the best I've had. I must say that a lot - maybe I'm easily impressed but hey, the flavor was great. More stand out to me was the texture. Gelato is always lovely but the one from Il Gelato seemed especially smooth and creamy. With a claim of 97% fat free, this is something of a miracle.

Turkish delight - tasted exactly like Turkish delight and such a pretty pink

Gold Coast is not lacking in gelato parlors - we spotted many of them around. If this competition drives up the quality so much, it can't be a bad thing. Loved the gelato here and loved the flavors they offered. Recommended.

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  1. it's called the gelato shop it's shop 8 aria building broady