Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mia's Gifts and Coffee Bar

Mia's Gifts and Coffee Bar
1 Kelsey St, Coorparoo

This is one of those little gems I found whilst living on the East-side and wish I still had easy access to. As it is, Mia's Gifts and Coffee Bar is about 40-50min drive from where I live now (especially if you take the long route, like we did) but today, we made the effort especially to get there.

The first time I went to Mia's, it was quiet but when I went today, the place was buzzing and there was hardly any seats left. Maybe that's because it's the weekend. Mia's is a boutique gift store. I should really have a look around one day to see what they have on offer but I always get too absorbed in the food and forget about the actual shop component.

There are seats outside and along the veranda. I like the small cakes and treats they have on offer and that's what I normally get. Today, we chose a chocolate mousse layer cake and a macadamia and caramel tart. We also ordered an iced chocolate and latte.

Skinny latte

Drinks came first. My latte was made perfectly and had a pretty heart on top :).

Iced chocolate

The iced chocolate had a ball of ice-cream in it (as opposed to the types of iced chocolates that are more like frappes). It uses syrup as flavoring which I don't like that much but most cafes use the chocolate syrup.

Macadamia and caramel tart

Close-up of macadamia and caramel tart

The macadamia tart was soooo good. I chose it just because I didn't want something I've had before so I didn't expect to like it THAT much. But it was served warm with the caramel oozing slightly and the macadamia lovely and crisp on top. I didn't need the cream it came with, the tart was perfect as is.

Chocolate layer cake

Close-up of chocolate layer cake

I tried a bit of the chocolate mousse cake and it was also fantastic. Very rich with a ganache topping. The layers were syrup-soaked sponge and white chocolate and chocolate mousse.

I dug up photos of my previous experiences at Mia's...

Lemon meringue bar with chai latte

Sticky date pudding and iced chocolate

These were eaten too long ago for me to be able to comment accurately but boy do those photos look good. And of course, I liked the food enough to want to go back today.


  1. Unfortunately this shop has changed owners and really isn't the same :(

  2. Hi David Matthew...

    That's sad to hear! I liked that place.

  3. Mias is back to its best again with its original owner. Dropped in the other day and its better than ever.