Saturday, May 2, 2009

Supermarket Superhero + Elivae Yogurt Trial

I know I'm in trouble when I convince myself that a trip to the grocery store makes up for a week's worth of not exercising. It comes from the same vein of thought as 'food consumed whilst walking has no kilojoules' and 'a chocolate you don't like doesn't count'(not my theories, I read them in a book somewhere).

Sure, the bags can get mighty heavy but realistically, my walk to Woolworths is only 5min. And even that's stretching it...

I think out of this lot, only 1 packet has been opened and the rest have been stored away, anxiously awaiting their fate

I'm lucky I live so conveniently close to a shopping center and I would, if I could, spend HOURS grocery shopping every day: hoarding up on items that I don't need (chocolate is something I hoard a lot) until my credit card explodes. It's a good thing that I can only CARRY SO MUCH. Nature's done a fabulous job of letting me self-limit how much I can buy by giving me weak arms and a 'I CBF' personality. Thank goodness or I'll be even more in debt.

Today, I literally exhausted my carrying threshold. I walked into Woolies to grab some ingredients for moussaka and walked out with 3 different types of yogurt, a sweet potato, a guava, a hand of bananas, 3 baking dishes (they're very heavy) and 3 types of cheese. Aside from the cheese, none of the other things were on my shopping list.

Ahem... as for shopping list... I pretty much refer to it ONCE after I've already picked up all my groceries to sort of 'test' myself and see how many things I remembered. This failed today because even with a shopping list, I forgot to buy a can of chopped tomatoes which, unlike sweet potato or yogurt, is essential to my recipe.

One of the yogurt items I bought is something you may have seen on TV: Elivae.

I get bloating and digestive problems periodically (amazingly, it's correlated to how much junk food I eat and inversely proportional to the amount of veggies I eat) so something proclaiming to ease bloating and help digestion has instant appeal.

Elivae is supposed to contain a "unique blend of cultures including Digestivus Culturus". If you've had any background in microbiology like me (or even if you don't and you just have some common sense and a good sense of humor), you'll be having a giggle about "Digestivus Culturus".

All the same, it's relatively low kJ and I thought it would do no harm so I bought a 4 pack of 'fig and honey' flavor. This probably makes me somewhat of a hypocrite. Or just silly.

Elivae wants you to give it a 14 day trial. I like yogurt way too much to stay faithful to one type for 14 days. I gave Elivae a 1 day trial. Admittedly, I can't prove a lot about the improvement in my digestive health from a few mouthfuls but I CAN give feedback about its taste.

When I got back from the shopping center, I unloaded my green bag which had been tucked tightly under my arm for the 5min journey. Luckily, although everything had been crammed together, there was only one casualty. A banana had been perforated and squashed by an apple. Hmmm... no harm there, I decided to eat the banana with the yogurt.

I was excited. The banana was chopped up and mixed with the fig and honey Elivae. This yogurt has a runny texture - like most commercial yogurts. Don't expect the chunky gourmet style stuff that's almost cheese-like.

Taste-wise, the flavor is quite nice. You can taste the fig and the honey is also quite prominent. After a while, the whole thing got way too sweet for me. I'm NOT shy about sweet food. I've joked about the fact that when I open my own dental clinic (distant dream), I'll call it 'Sweet Tooth'. But, there is such a thing as too sweet when it leaves a sharp aftertaste and your throat hurts.

I got around that problem by mixing the yogurt with my current best friend: muesli. The end result was quite nice and something I'm looking forward to in the next couple of mornings.

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