Sunday, October 24, 2010

Luxe on James

Luxe Restaurant

By the time our Valley wanderings took us to James Street, my appetite was gone completely. We stopped by Luxe hoping it would have some light lunch options.

I spotted some lunch specials on a billboard outside and they seemed decide so we went in.

Luxe is a very contemporary, clean, open-space dining area. It makes me think of the type of places business people go for after work drinks.

The first thing the waitress did was inform us that no lunch options were available. They were only serving out of the tapas menu. Hmm... ok, fair enough.

We didn't mind too much because this was compatible with what we wanted anyway. We kept it simple since there was no room for beverages and just ordered 2 tapas plates to share.

The term tapas is thrown around a lot these days. I don't really think the items on the Luxe tapas menu should be termed 'tapas'. It was more a mix of starters and small entrees.

Turkish bread with trio of house-made dips

The Turkish bread came first. It was more quantity than I expected, which is a good thing. There was a small mountain of Turkish bread with 3 accompanying dips. One dip had a strange blue cheese flavor that as unusual but very tasty.

Turkish bread close-up

I liked the middle dip that had a green olive flavor. Hien liked the olive oil with basamic, which I personally found too bitter for me. The bread itself was nicely toasted.

Moroccan spiced beef skewers with onion and cherry tomatoes

The other plate we chose was beef skewers. When commenting on the beef, I said 'too tough' at the same time as Hien said 'so tender'. I don't think he knows what he's talking about! The beef had a nice flavor as they were marinated very thoroughly.

I won't say I was extremely impressed by the food at Luxe but to be fair, we only ordered some bread and skewers. I'm not going to discard the possibility of returning to try proper food some time. The environment was classy and the service was great.
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