Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back in the AUD

I flew home yesterday and got back to clinic today. Due to not being able to sleep on the plane and then being too excited last night, I have gone for about 60 hours without sleep so far. The plan was to take a nap when I got home but why is it that I'm always DYING FOR SLEEP during the day and as soon as I'm in bed, I get distracted by the millions of things I have to do? Like... update my blog.

First glimpse of Queensland through the clouds

I'll separate my China trip into a few sections that are more FYI then specific restaurant reviews. My goal is to make things interesting, talk about food, a bit about culture (according to mum and dad) and maybe give you a few ideas if you're heading to China any time.

I managed to spend the whole holiday loading my guts with edible goods (of course, now I'll pay for it :P).

Lots of good times spent drinking...(btw that's a 1L stein)

... and eating (well technically sipping here)...

If nothing else, I took a stack of piccies so it makes for nice eye candy.

Enjoy my posts as they come. I'll then get promptly back to further Brisbane reviews.

PS I still hate flying.

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