Sunday, October 24, 2010

ShliX for a pre-summer gelato hit

ShliX Gelato

Imagine being sick and feverish in a sweaty, isolated bed for an entire day. That's me today. Now, picture the exact opposite and that was how I spent my Saturday.

As previously mentioned, I got coaxed into a day time Valley shopping trip. The weather was a-mazing with just the right amount of "I'm getting too hot under the sun". All this translates to ICE-CREAM weather and when we walked by ShliX, there was no way I was going to pass up some gelato.

ShliX is located on Brunswick St and presents as a small, street/edgy gelato store. Apparently they have lunch items too but I've never tried that.

The gelato fridge displays a wide selection of classics, plus more unusual flavors. I inquired about how may flavors I could choose for the 'medium size' and was pleasantly surprised to be told I could select 3, rather than 2 as I'd expected.

Parisian delight, walnut on a date and after dinner mint

I asked the guy serving what 'Parisian Delight' tasted like and he couldn't explain it, justifying this by saying the flavor only arrived yesterday. No worries... this was solved by having a sample taste myself. I'm not 100% but it reminded me of Turkish fairy floss - pistachio with a hint of rosewater. Or I could be totally off the mark. In any case, it was good enough for me to choose it.

I also selected 'Walnut on a date' which, as you can imagine, was walnut and date flavored. It was great - a natural, strong date flavor with chunks of walnut. The last flavor I picked was 'After dinner mint' which was an attempt to cleanse the palate. It was still good but seemed boring compared to the other flavors.

Blood orange, hibiscus and marshmallow

Hien chose blood orange, marshmallow and hibiscus flavors. He's the exact opposite to me in that he likes fruity whereas I always go for creamy.

ShliX makes consistently good gelato. It's smooth, creamy and apparently (I read on the website), lower fat than regular ice-cream. Add into the equation the fact that there are so many good flavors to chose from and you have a winning formula.
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  1. you should try their peanut butter flavour
    its one of the best i've tried there
    it usually in the back, just ask for it

  2. Hi Anonymous...
    :o there's MORE flavors at the back?

    I just had a dream about ShliX last night. I went back to get more gelato and got misdirected to a random, crappy ice-cream store across the road. They had only a 4-5 five flavors to chose from and I was absolutely devo!