Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kangaroo Point and Kings Food REVISITED (for a BIGGER feast)

Kings Food plus night time wanderings
Shop 25, Market Square Shopping Centre, Corner McCullough Rd & Mains Rd, Sunnybank

I was introduced to Kings Food back in March (feels like a million years ago) and blogged it here. I feel like an update is justified especially because my most recent visit showcased much more variety in food. The good thing about somewhere like Kings Food is that the menu is reliable... so that makes my previous review still relevant.

We headed in with a feast in mind and ordered 3 items to share, plus soup, between the three of us.

Chili chicken

As usual, service was speedy. The chili chicken came out first. Though the chicken was tender and had a nice flavor, Byron and I thought it was 'boring' and could stand to be saucier. This is one of those pleasant but unmemorable dishes that you use to wash down your rice. It wasn't very spicy.

Chicken and corn soup

The chicken and corn soup came in a huge bowl. We each had 2 servings. I have a soft spot for chicken and corn soup, it being one of my childhood comfort food items. This one had a nice consistency and good abundance of chicken meat.

Beef and onion

My favorite of the lot was probably the beef and onion. Though you would imagine this dish to be simple and underwhelming, the beef is extremely moreish. It goes excellently with rice and showcases what home-style Chinese cooking is all about... simple but flavorsome.

Chili mince tofu

Byron chose the chili mince tofu, which is basically a mapo tofu type of dish. It has that fermented bean flavor that mapo has and a good amount of mince. This kind of dish HAS to be eaten with rice.

We got some bubble tea too but I forgot to take photos (was too eager slurping away).

After our meal, we ventured out to Kangaroo Point. It so happens that the Paramore concert was on across the river in the Botanical Gardens and we could hear it from where we were. Pretty awesome night :D

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