Sunday, December 15, 2013

Domino's Wagyu Duet

Domino's Wagyu Duet

It was recently brought to my attention that family favourite pizza chain Domino's would be launching a $50 wagyu pizza. Now, $50 for a pizza be it in a restaurant or at a fast food outlet is enough to draw anyone's attention. By offering a product of this price and calibre on their menu, they're not just putting forward another flavour of pizza, but expanding their horizons entirely. With their Chef's Best selection (launched earlier this year), Domino's already set out to satisfy the gourmet tastebuds of current generations influenced by Masterchef and spoilt by boutique cafes and delis. To me, a $50 wagyu pizza further sets out to say that hey, Domino's is not just a lazy weekday meal fix to scoff down in front of the TV but something to be preplanned and enjoyed at the table like a restaurant meal.

Let me set the record straight be explaining that $50 is not as outlandish as it may first seem. For starters, you get two individual pizzas at that price, hence the term 'Wagyu Duet'. Both pizzas are a reasonable size and together, can feed up to 4 average adults or 2 very hungry young males. I pointed out to Marc that two pizzas by a 'gourmet' pizza chain like Pizza Capers would come close to $50 anyway. He rebutted that Pizza Capers pizzas were larger and I used the analogy of ordering actual steak from a restaurant. Most people (especially men) who order wagyu steaks are initially disappointed by how small they appear. That's because the high fat content of a good quality wagyu steak makes it more filling.

Our experience started with a delivery to our apartment on Sunday night. I was in my PJs so Marc went to the door to collect our goods. Our local Domino's staff were so excited by our order they took a photo of him with the pizza. I joked that our very special pizza may not have arrived via a limousine but it certainly provided a paparazzi.

Wagyu Duet

On first appearances, the box was sleek and shiny with a black and gold theme. It was also very big. We lifted the lid and unveiled the two large, rectangular pizzas. Each was divided into 6 individual slices.

Wagyu Three Ways - with premium wagyu rib fillet, wagyu bresola, wagyu sausage, smoked rasher bacon, ground beef, mozarella on a BBQ base, finished with a drizzle of tomato capsicum sauce

Being simpletons, Marc and I automatically labelled the pizzas as 'the red one' and 'the white one' but their real identities are more complex. The red pizza was the 'Wagyu three ways' and comprised of wagyu beef fillet, wagyu bresola (which is dried wagyu thinly sliced), wagyu sausage, bacon, ground beef and mozarella. It had a barbeque sauce base and a generous drizzle of tomato capsicum sauce. This was the first pizza I tasted and it really packed a punch with flavour.

Close-up of Wagyu Three Ways

There was so much going on I didn't realise what some elements were until I read over the description online. This is very much a carnivore's pizza with its heavenly array of meat toppings. It was a very tasty pizza but for me, the sauces seemed to drown out the other ingredients. Every chunk of wagyu fillet I bit into was delicious. I honestly didn't expect the wagyu to contain that iconic wagyu fattiness and juciness when sliced up on a pizza but it did. It's just a shame that the busyness of the toppings distracted from that. The next point is just a personal gripe of mine. I like wagyu only when it is cooked steak form. I know that wagyu became a big fad and wagyu burgers and wagyu pies etc are all around but I could never see how it was any different from just a regular burger or pie. Wagyu mince, sausages and whatnot just don't do it for me. Wagyu is all about that burst of aromatic steak juice you get from each bite of flesh. In short, the wagyu fillet pieces were wonderful but I didn't even know I was eating wagyu sausage and wagyu bresola.

Wagyu and Truffle Hollondaise - with premium wagyu rib fillet, camembert slices, fresh cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion, topped with mozzarella and a drizzle of truffle hollandaise

I got very excited after I tasted the 'white pizza' aka 'Wagyu and Truffle Hollandaise'. This blew my expectations out of the water and I believe that if ever there was a fine dining pizza, this would be it. Everything I liked about the first pizza was here without any of my hang ups. The generous, large wagyu chunks were in abundance but without any of the distractions.

Close-up of wagyu with hollandaise

I thought the creamy hollandaise was the perfect compliment and it represents what I often order as a steak sauce in restaurants. It had a hint of truffle aroma and served to dress the pizza without being overbearing. I also thought the cherry tomato and red onion added a welcome light sweetness. This was like a classic restaurant steak main (with appropriate sides and sauce) but in pizza form. In my opinion, this was the combination of toppings that more so hit the mark.

My little baby was very disappointed we didn't leave any for him

Don't get me wrong, the wagyu three ways was a delicious pizza. Marc and I are both being extra critical as is appropriate to the price bracket and target demographic. We thought the wagyu three ways was a good addition to say, the Chef's Best range and comparable to a Pizza Capers or Crust pizza albeit with pops of wagyu fillet superior to any other pizza currently on the market. The wagyu truffle hollandaise differentiates itself by being something new. It is what I would order as an alternative to eating out at a nice restaurant. I can imagine sitting down to pizza like this with cutlery and wine. If anyone else has a taste of these new pizzas, please comment and let me know what you think!


  1. So how much did Domino's pay you for this review?

  2. @Anonymous...

    I don't get paid for any of my reviews. This is a hobby blog, not a business. I hope that clarifies things for you.