Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Makanan Indonesia for Lunch

Makanan Indonesia

Marc and I enjoyed three meals out at Hardgrave Road over three consecutive days on the weekend. Ah the joys of living in a dining precinct. We had Trang's on Friday. Mizu on the Saturday, and whilst there, I noticed Makanan Indonesia and decided it would be next. I didn't really expect 'next' to be the following day though.

After a long period of next to no communication, I finally got to catch up with old family friend Mork on Sunday. To add to the festivities, Jaws joined as well and we had a nice chilled day lounging around the apartment and pool, punctuated by lunch in the middle.

As most boys never know/don't care about what they want to eat, everyone was happy to go along with my suggestion of Indonesian at Makanan. We took up a table outside and began perusing the menu.

Being an expert at dining out on Hardgrave Road now, I must say that compared to its neighbours, Makanan was noticeably less busy. The fitout wasn't as flash as Trang next door either but somehow, the slight run down appearance combined with the tiny grocery on its other side made it feel more like an authentic South-East Asian street eatery. I was certainly reminded of my time in Borneo.

I'm not really familiar with Indonesian cuisine but the menu seemed to comprise of plenty of curries, some noodles and stir-fries. We opted not to try the beverages on this occasion.

Spicy beef with onion

Mork went with the spicy beef. He commented that it had a chewy texture like beef but a slight lamb flavour. I tried a bit and we both agreed that it wasn't spicy at all. I thought that tomato was the predominant flavour and I felt that the beef was way too tough.

Beef rendang curry

Both Marc and Jaws chose the beef rendang curry. Jaws' serving arrived first and his feedback was that it was good but not as good as the rendang at the place he used to work. Worryingly, he also mentioned that the beef was slightly cold but later added that this could be because of the strong breeze and the fact that we were sitting outside. Marc said his rendang wasn't cold at all but when I tried a piece of his, it was. Conclusion: it probably was the breeze that was cooling everything off faster than ideal.

Lamb curry set meal

My lamb curry was part of a set meal that also came with spicy green beans and peanuts mixed with anchovy. Mork thought my seasoned egg looked very appetising. I tried it and well, it wasn't bad but the flavour hadn't permeated into the egg. The lamb curry component was actually really good. It was the best in terms of flavour and tenderness out of everything I tasted at the table. I wished I had more and almost regretted choosing the set meal.

Our food at Makanan Indonesia was hit and miss. Overall it wasn't bad for simple, SE-Asian style street fare. The prices were fairly reasonable for the amount of food you get. The place isn't flash and fancy but it's BYO so I think it's nice for hanging out with friends at night.
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