Monday, December 9, 2013

Mama Korean Kitchen

Mama Korean Kitchen
Ground Floor, Westfield Carindale Shopping Centre, Carindale

I know that the major renovations at Westfield Carindale were completed a long time ago but somehow, in my mind, it still seems new. I guess it's because I'm not a Carindale resident anymore and don't stop there every day on my way home like I did during my uni days. Shopping at Carindale is now a rare treat and when I do make it there (and manage to find parking), I can't help but be wowed all over again, especially when I compared it to the tiny Carindale shops of my childhood memories.

One of the additions is the second food court near the library. Since its opening, I haven't once eaten at the old food court. With additions like Guzman Y Gomez, Yum Cha Cuisine and Ginga Sushi, it's got all my favourites covered in one area and there's no reason to traverse to the other side of the mall. Mama Korean Kitchen is located here in the middle of the new food court. It's the first introduction of Korean food to Carindale that I know of. It's a good idea though because Korean food is rad and there's something for everyone.

Mama Kitchen is more of a fast food/eatery than a restaurant. There are tables to sit at scattered around the open kitchen but you can't escape the food court feel because there aren't any walls closing the space off. The menu contains lots of Korean classics, simplified for a shopping centre environment. There are noodle dishes, rice dishes, bimbibap (Korean hot stone bowl) and some interesting starters.

Marc and I chose a main each, plus a couple of Korean sliders to share.

Steamed buns - with grilled beef and veggies

I'd tried the bulgogi burgers before and loved them then so it was a safe bet for me. They were just as good the second time. Marc was reminded of The Bun Mobile because of the light, slightly sweet steamed bun. The filling here was a sweet, marinated beef with mayo and lettuce. It's a really yummy combination and I'd like to recreate something like this for dinner parties at home.

"Awesome Island" - noodles with assorted seafood and veggies

Marc had the sizzling seafood plate.  It was indeed sizzling and contrary to many other dishes that claim to contain seafood, it did have an abundance of seafood. Marc thought it was very saucy and flavoursome.

Spicy pork bibimbap

My pick of the day was the spicy pork bibimbap. There were lots of fresh veggies, a bit of pork, a fried egg and a really nice sauce to bring it all together. The hot stone bowl did the trick in crispifying the edges of the rice. I like this dish because it's a fresher and less oily spin on fried rice.

Mama Korean Kitchen is a great new addition to Westfield Carindale. I'm glad that Korean cuisine has been introduced to the area and the menu items are cheap, filling and tasty. Service was fast and pleasant as well. I definitely recommend the sliders!
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