Sunday, August 10, 2014

Domino's New Pulled Pork Range

Domino's New Pulled Pork Range

Southern American-style food is The It Thing of 2014. Of the new restaurants and gastrobars popping up in Brisbane, I'd say 90% of them fall into this category of cheesy fries, sticky ribs and finger-licking messy food. One of the most popular items to appear on these new menus is 'pulled pork', and not without reason.

I had a debate with Hien yesterday about pulled pork. He off-handedly suggested that pulled pork is a gimmick because it's no different to regular pork, just pulled apart. As someone who has never cooked either style of pork at home, I'll forgive him for that naivety. Pulled pork is NOT just pork that is pulled. It is pork slow cooked with care and patience either in a slow cooker or low temp oven until the meat is so soft it barely has to be pulled apart, rather just tugged and it falls apart by itself. It can be marinated or post-flavored with a sweet and tangy sauce (these flavours work perfectly with pork) but it's the texture that sets it apart. Compare that to your conventional pan-fried pork chop and I challenge you not to see the difference.

You can see from my passion for pulled pork that it's something I love to eat. Domino's Pizza approached me last week offering a sample of their new pulled pork range. I'm on a diet at the moment so for any other flavour, I would have said no, but this range sounded too delicious to refuse.

We had this for dinner last Friday night and I invited some friends around so that Marc and I wouldn't lose control and finish 3 pizzas to ourselves.

These pizzas arrived in my favourite Domino's packaging, the 'Chef's Best' matte black box. As such, they're also the Chef's Best size; that is, a medium rectangle cut into 6 slices rather than a large circle cut into 8. There are three flavours in this new range and we got to try each one.

Chili lime pulled pork pizza

The first I picked up was the Vietnamese-style chili lime pulled pork pizza. It was definitely interesting and I noted a strong lemongrass flavour. Jenny commented that it tasted very Thai due to the presence of coconut. We both agreed that whilst this South East Asian flavour combination was quite nice, it wasn't the best match for the pulled pork meat. Something like prawn would have complimented better.

Hickory BBQ pulled pork pizza

I tried the hickory BBQ pulled pork next. This one was absolutely delicious and ended up being my favourite of the lot. My feeling is that pulled pork and smoky barbeque sauce is a match made in heaven and when put together on a pizza base, it works just right. There was also some capsicum and sweet red onion that add a pop of vegetable freshness to each bite.

Pulled pork meatlovers pizza

The final flavour in the new range is the pulled pork meatlovers pizza. As with any proper meatlovers, there is no hint of green in sight. I normally like lots of veggies on my pizzas so I left this for Marc to judge. He really liked it. It was like a regular Domino's meatlovers, with the addition of pulled pork meat and smoky barbeque sauce.

Eating salad with my pizza like a good girl

The general consensus with the new pulled pork range at Domino's was resoundingly positive. I wasn't a huge fan of the chili lime flavour but the other two are definite crowd pleasers. I hope the hickory BBQ in particular stays on the menu because it is easily my favourite of all their pizza flavours to date.

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