Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pizza and Cider at The Burrow

The Burrow Revisted

This will be my second post for The Burrow, the first of which covered a breakfast experience as well as a lunch experience. I might as well complete the set! I don't often harp on with multiple reviews of the same venue because it's bound to get repetitive but with Brew, I feel a sense of duty. Why? Well, this place is known for pizza and beer and in both my previous posts, I had neither of those. Marc and I fixed that right up by having a big old pizza session earlier this year.

I've already spoken about the venue itself. It's casual in a cool, relaxed and fun way. Basically it's the perfect environment for catchup chats with friends. There are long benches so if you're a smaller group, expect to share the table with others. I think there are new seating options outside too.

The pizza menu looks amazing. We spent ages reading through to make sure we selected the best-sounding ones. On this occasion, we ended up ordering the Barbarossa and Big Voodoo Daddy to share.

I spoke of pizza and beer so obviously booze is going to get a mention too. There are some craft beers and ciders on offer. I chose the Cheeky Rascal raspberry and apple cider, which gets points for its cute serving mug.

Barbarossa - Turkish style lamb, red onion, peppers, mushrooms, mozarella and tabouleh, finished with yoghurt dressing on a hummus base

Both our pizzas were big and generously topped. I knew immediately that we had over-ordered. The lamb was absolutely loaded with marinated lamb, mushrooms and capsicum. It was slathered in a creamy yoghurt dressing that brought all the flavours together nicely. A scattering of tabouleh added some freshness to the mix.

Big Voodoo Daddy - pulled pork, jerk chicken, cajun sausage, red onion, mozarella, bourbon BBQ glaze and fresh slaw

It was hard to choose a favourite but I think I just preferred the pulled pork and chicken more because of its sweetness. It's hard to go past pulled pork and smokey barbeque sauce and the combination here, with added chicken, sausage and fresh coleslaw was just unbeatable.

These aren't the simple and sparse Italian-style pizzas that I normally favour. They're hearty and moreish and perfectly suited to eat with alcoholic drinks. These pizzas were Marc's dream dinner. It's not that I didn't enjoy them (I very much did) but even now, 3 months on from this meal, Marc still keenly suggests we return to The Burrow for another pizza night. I can imagine if I wasn't a food blogger and I actually ate at the same place more than once, we'd go there quite regularly. There's a decent selection of pizzas and other goodies so it's easy to try something new every time.
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