Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Away 2 - Breakfast at The Beach House, Port Macquarie

The Beach House

Something that always feels uniquely 'holiday' to me is going out for breakfast, especially when it's by the seaside. In our regular working lives, Marc never gets up early enough for breakfast so I end up scheduling morning food sessions with my girlfriends instead. Being in a different environment, such as Port Macquarie, somehow injects Marc with enough energy and vitality to make it out for breakfast.

We strolled by the waterfront and spotted a cafe with huge deck that overlooked the ocean. With the weather being as perfect as it was, we definitely wanted to be outdoors. This cafe turned out to be The Beach House.

The menu options were standard cafe affair, which was what we were in the mood for anyway. Marc chose the big breakfast (typical) and I went for a vegetable stack. We also ordered a couple of mug-sized coffees.

Big breakfast

Our food arrived first and we were pleased to note large serving sizes. The big breakfast came with the usuals of toast, baked beans, hash browns, sausage and bacon. There was a fried egg too, which can't really be seen from this photo because it was burried under everythng else.

Vegetable stack

My vegetable stack featured haloumi, tomato, mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, pumpkin and pesto. It was so filling. Vegetables might seem like the weak option but when they're served up in such a big pile, they definitely fuel you up.

Mug-sized latte

The coffees still hadn't arrived at this point but just as Marc got up to ask someone, a waitress brought them over. Marc has a theory that when you order coffee to sip at a cafe, they get away with putting it in tiny cups that are less volumous than a takeway cup. This is why he specified "coffee in a mug" and that's what we got. If they tasted a bit milkier and creamier than normal, on this occasion it didn't bother me.

The food at The Beach House was decent but predictable. The best thing about eating here was definitely the location. We had gorgeous views of the water and clear blue skies and because it was a cool morning, sitting in the sun felt amazing.

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