Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Weekend Away 3 - Waves Bistro at The Pier Hotel, Coffs Harbour

Waves Bistro

As I write this I'm two days into the Michelle Bridges 12 weeks body transformation challenge. It's pretty good so far and I wasn't hungry or missing food at all... until I edited the photos for this post. I know a snapper burger might not be the most magical and creative gourmet item you've ever seen but it's the kind of food I love to eat (in a world where food doesn't make us fat). After a numer of consecutive health-conscious meals, there's nothing like fried food to get me drooling.

Coffs Harbour was another town that Marc and I stopped at on our road trip from Sydney to Brisbane. We arrived in time for a late lunch and after a casual beach stroll, we searched for somewhere to eat. It was getting on a bit in the day, just before 3pm so some venues had packed up their lunch trade.

We spotted Waves Bistro and noted the sign saying it served lunch until 3pm on Sunday. We asked if they could accomodate us and luckily, it wasn't an issue.

Because of the obscure dining hour, it was quiet with just us and one other table. We selected our lunch dishes plus an accompanying glass of beer each.

Chicken parmigiana

Marc went for the chicken parmy which was large with a cruspy crumbed crust and generous topping of tomato, ham and bubbly cheese. There was also a side of chips and greens. Marc found this lunch to be perfectly satisfying and ticked all the pub meal boxes: big, golden and crunchy.

Snapper fillet burger

Much of the same could be said for my snapper burger. It was exactly what I was in the mood for so I didn't hesitate in ordering it off the menu. The fish fillet was battered and fried to a crisp. There was a creamy, tangy tartare sauce and some leaves, squeezed between the soft burger bun. It was so unwholesome but so delicious. I feel like I had more chips than Marc and I wasn't sharing because they were that good.

We had a wonderful, filling and relaxed meal at Waves Bistro in Coffs Harbour. It's the kind of meal that makes me wonder why I bother exploring flash, expensive restaurants back home when I clearly have a preference for hearty pub meals. At the end of the day, I enjoy most foods so don't worry, there'll still be a good mix on this blog ;).

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