Friday, August 1, 2014

Weekend Away 1 - Dinner Glasshouse Thai, Port Macquarie

Glasshouse Thai Restaurant
Shop 1, Corner Clarence and Hay Street, Port Macquarie, NSW

Sometimes the most random places end up part of an important memory in your life. Glasshouse is the first restaurant we found appealing when we walked out onto the street from our hotel in Port Macquarie last weekend. So, why is it a big deal? It happened after I got proposed to! There's no words that can describe that dizzying, adrenaline-filled, hyperactive, almost nauseous feeling that hit me in the moment. And it was in that state (only slightly dulled by red wine) that I set out for dinner. I can hardly even remember the meal. Luckily I have my photos to remind me, and I cleverly typed some notes on my phone so I know what we felt about our food.

Glasshouse is a small but inviting restaurant in the centre of Port Macquarie, not far from the water. It was lightly raining that night and the smell and brightness from this restaurant lured us in off the street. We gladly took up a table inside and browsed through the menu.

Marc and I ordered a starter and a couple of mains to share, plus a serve of coconut rice. We also had a BYO bottle of red wine to help maintain the celebratory mood.

Spring rolls with sweet chili sauce

Our spring rolls were really nice. They had a vegetarian filling and the pastry was light and flakier than usual but didn't carry excess oiliness. I liked that the filling had more content rather than being an unidentifiable smoosh.

Red curry chicken

The red curry chicken was a good serving size and piled with veggies, bamboo and sliced chicken. It had a nice flavour that provided a decent chili kick without being too hot. I liked that the sauce wasn't too sweet, which is a problem I often have at Thai restaurants.

Seafood pad see ew

Marc was in the mood for noodles and chose the seafood pad see ew. The noodles were cooked well (not too firm or soft) and there was plenty of mixed seafood. I don't normally order seafood options at Asian restaurants because I know it's just out of a frozen bag but still, the prawns were a decent size and tasted alright.

Marc commented that if this restaurant was in Brisbane, he'd want to be a regular. It was an overall nice dining experience, even discounting the fact that we were in a highly positive mood. The food was great value, came in big serves and tasted good. We didn't have to wait long for our dishes either, which is always nice when you're feeling hungry. Judging by the popularity of this place, other folks in Port Macquarie must feel the same way as me.

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