Thursday, August 14, 2014

Picnic Cafe for Breakfast

Picnic Cafe
12 Martha Street, Camp Hill

Because I'm on Instagram every 5 minutes, I'm finding that a lot more of my food inspiration comes from that. I follow Picnic Cafe (@picniccafe) and their sumptuous desserts and gorgeous breakfast photo uploads catch my eye every time I scroll through my feed. I linked a couple of posts to Kat and she wholeheartedly agreed that the food looked irresistible.

We arranged to have lunch there last Sunday but I ended up skipping my morning hot yoga class (too lazy) so we brought it forward to breakfast instead. I didn't make a booking or anything so I was relieved when I was shown to a table right away. Recently, I've had a bad run of being made to wait for tables at hotspot cafes so it was nice to be able to sit down straight away and grab a coffee.

The cafe was exactly what I pictured based on the Instagram page. It's clean and cheery and the front cabinet is filled with delicious-looking cakes and treats. I was tempted by the tray of jam donuts on the counter.
Soy latte

I'm starting to accept that I'm probably lactose intolerant so I ordered a soy latte while I waited for Kat. It was a lovely, creamy coffee that didn't make me miss regular milk at all. I actually like the taste of soy milk in coffee. Does that make me a weirdo.

Hot chocolate

Kat ordered a skinny hot chocolate when she arrived. We then took the time to look through the menu. There were a lot of tasty-sounding breakfast and lunch dishes to choose from. I bounced from wanting the swiss mushrooms to the zucchini fritters and ended up settling for the Picnic board. Kat agreed with me that this sounded the best so she ordered the same.

Picnic board - roasted ham, organic feta, toast, avocado, poached eggs and tomato relish

The Picnic board was served on an actual wooden board, which remains my favourite form of food presentation. We both asked for poached eggs and these came perfectly cooked with a gooey golden centre. Other features of the board included dark rye toast, smoked ham, fresh avocado, lemon, feta and chutney. My favourite of the lot was the feta. It was marinated and worked really well with the rye and avocado. The chutney and ham were also very complimentary.

Close-up of Picnic board

I think the Picnic board is a great choice for the health-conscious individual who doesn't want to give up dining out. The elements are arranged separately, which allows for customising the elements you want to eat together.

We found the service at Picnic Cafe to be quite efficient and everyone had a smiley face. If I wasn't on a diet, I would have dived right into the cake cabinet. It was so hard turning away from those sweet treats on display. Our breakfast plates were filling and fresh and I thought the menu prices were very reasonable too.
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