Friday, September 24, 2010

Leo, meds, nail polish, soggy chips and I'M LEAVING BRISBANE IN 6 HOURS

Today's been a good day.

By that, I mean, today has been a lazy day.

Sometimes, I find that no matter how tired/busy I am, if I'm not doing anything I'm just BORED. I can't seem to appreciate the lull in activity and I start fretting and pacing up and down the stairs thinking of ways to kill time.

Which is just odd because on my busy days, all I want to do is sleep and the idea of doing nothing seems like the greatest thing on the planet.

All it is is a case of 'grass is always greener...'

Not today though, today's been good.

I'm flying back to Shanghai midnight tonight. When I was a kid, I could get excited about a holiday months in advance. Now that I'm old and jaded, I can't start thinking about free time until it's right in my face. Even now, it doesn't seem real. But I'm starting, just starting to get the first twinges of anticipation.

Got the goods - my luggage

I packed my stuff in about 30min flat. Despite popular convention, I'm not planning to shop my way through the entire trip. This is more to do with lack of money than some stand against normal female behavior. For that reason I've actually packed clothes rather than arrive in my flight clothes and buy anything that's needed as I go along.

Aside from clothing, I've got my trusty new camera (we shall see JUST how waterproof and shockproof it really is), hair iron, a pair of chucks and a pair of thongs.

I always feel a bit weird wearing thongs in Shanghai because some streets get real dirty (people spitting is just one example) and I get terrified to see what's stuck on the bottom of my feet.

The rest of the day was spent
  • Watching a movie - whoever told me Shutter Island was good... and there are several of you... are out of your minds
  • Running errands - apparently Australia has a good supplement industry because I've got a special request of fish oil to be brought into China
  • Eating Red Rooster - this shan't be repeated anytime soon. I nearly died from salt OD. And the bad thing about soggy chips is that they're just as unhealthy (or even more so) than good chips, but without any benefits of sinning
  • Buying necessary last minute purchases - like nail polish
P.S. these bottles have a wide brush and dry quickly. Recommended.

New additions to my collection

I bought a third bottle too but it got lost in transit from the shopping center to home (most likely rolling around the floor of my car). I hope it won't explode from heat by the time I get back.

See you all in a week's time.

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