Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cream Patisserie Boulangerie

Cream Patisserie Boulangerie

I may or may not have mentioned this before but before I moved from the East side of Brisbane, Cream was my favorite cafe. Hands down. It opens till late on most nights and that was great for me to go on spontaneous 'cake runs' (great for exam-time sugar fixes).

The cafe sells its own desserts and pastry items and from my multiple experiences of breakfast, lunch, coffee and sweet goods, it is consistently good. Notable favorites have included: their tiramisu (which got my mum addicted to tiramisu as a whole), chocolate sour cream cake and eggs benedict (my first ever eggs benny was had at Cream). They do an awesome hot chocolate that is so thick, you have to spoon it out.

Needless to say, I really missed that place. The cafe is small with a tiny indoor area and not a much larger outdoor seating space. What is lacking in area is not lacking in the display cabinets - you'll always find an amazing display of desserts and cakes behind the glass window and even more inside (almond crossaints and cookies etc).

Cream has a regular every-day food menu and a 'specials' blackboard that changes daily. Food items are simple and seasonal.

I visited again, recently for my mum's birthday.


We ordered coffee to start with. They came promptly and were quite good.

For food, I picked something healthy to maintain more room for dessert: rice paper rolls. Charlie chose a pasta, mum chose the chicken breast and dad did the alpha male thing and got a steak sandwhich.

Our food actually took a really long time to arrive. We let the waiter know and he was really helpful - ducked into the kitchen immediately and let us know that the hold up was because the chicken breast takes a long time to cook.

When the dishes finally arrived, they looked so delicious and we were hungry so we started munching.

Steak sandwhich with beer-battered chips and tomato sauce

Om om om om ... *munch*

The steak sandwhich is enormous. It's very filling - stuffed with egg and meat and not much 'green stuff'. The chips were crunchy and amazing. My dad really liked this sandwhich.

Pork rice paper rolls with hoisin and peanut dipping sauce

I didn't enjoy the rice paper rolls that much but that's only because I don't like them as a food. I chose it purely for health reasons.

Inside of rice-paper rolls

They still tasted alright - the ingredients were really fresh and the dipping sauce was nice too. They're also quite big so it's enough to be filling.

Chicken breast with pesto sauce, steamed asparagus and potato and onion gratin

Mum's chicken breast was my favorite dish. The chicken was extremely moist and tender. I thought the pesto sauce was delicious and the potato and onion gratin was very moreish.

Prawn and chorizo spaghetti

I had a small taste of Charlie's pasta. He's going through a 'chili... more chili' phase and asked the chefs to add a bit of chili. Well the pasta had chorizo in it so it was already spicy - I couldn't tell if they did put extra chili or not. It was a nice pasta all the same: well cooked and lovely flavors.

After our savory items, we chose 2 desserts to share. They didn't have the tiramisu in so we got a reasonable alternative - the coffee mousse. I thought something tart would be good to balance the flavors and I chose a lemon meringue pie for that reason.

Coffee mousse

The coffee mousse was thick, creamy and decadent. It wasn't too sweet and was something my parents preferred.

Lemon meringue pie

Though I liked the flavors of the lemon meringue pie, it seemed somewhat undercooked to me. The meringue wasn't set hard and the filling was very tacky.

Overall, there were a few hiccups but I've had enough good experiences of Cream to override that. It was still an enjoyable meal and the food left a good impression. Most notably, the service was top notch.

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