Saturday, April 6, 2013

Birthday Weekend in Sydney Day 3 - Lunch at The Bunker

The Bunker
399 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst

On the last day of our recent trip in Sydney, Marc and I visited a dear friend of his in Darlinghurst. We popped into a local cafe there to catch up and feed/water ourselves. The name 'The Bunker' niggled at me for some time before I realized that there's a cafe in Brisbane called Bunker. I suppose with the limitations of imagination and likely words, there's bound to be some overlap for venue titles throughout the country.

The Bunker is a little cafe with a few long tables inside and some smaller tables outside. Marc and I started off sitting outside with a couple of coffees, waiting for the others to arrive. The day was sunny and hot, which is lovely if you're out on the beach but not so great if you're sitting without shade as your neck gets progressively crispier. Luckily, after some time, a table inside freed up and we eagerly migrated into the shade.


Coffees from The Bunker were good. I don't expect anything short of 'good' from a Sydney cafe. There's enough competition that (in my view) the overall standards just seem better than that of Brisbane cafes. I hope I don't stir up too much controversy with that opinion...! Sorry Brissie Baristas.

We were at The Bunker at a semi-awkward time where the lunch menu hadn't started yet so there were breakfast options on offer, plus sandwiches and things. I was perfectly happy with this because a) I love breakfast food and b) I love sandwiches.

Poached chicken sanga

My biggest dilema was narrowing down exactly which sandwich I wanted.  I ended up going for the chicken sanga because there was something that really appealed to me about 'poached chicken'. I know that poached chicken equates to boring and bland for most but I was oddly drawn to it. It turns out my instincts were right because the chicken was so moist and tender. Coupled with the tomato, coriander and feta, the whole thing was simple but very fresh, light and flavorsome. It's basically everything I could want from a sandwich.

Pastrami panini

Marc ordered a pastrami panini. I didn't get his full feedback on this because I was too busy stuffing myself with my own lunch that I forgot to ask. He seemed to be stuffing himself with equal vigor so I can only conclude that he also enjoyed it. The only thing is that the servings were on the smaller side so Marc was hungry again by the time we were at the airport.

Green eggs and ham

J stuck with something from the breakfast menu: green eggs and ham. Whenever I read this on menu descriptions I instantly jump to Dr Seuss. What came first, the book or the food? What makes it green? Judging by the photo, I guess it's the herbs or pesto?

I really enjoyed our light lunch at The Bunker. This is the kind of cafe I would love to go to regularly if it was close to where I lived. The food options were simple but there was plenty to choose from and I thought the sandwiches were tasty, fresh and light.
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