Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Guroome Sushi Train Lunch

Guroome Sushi 
Sunnybank Plaza, Sunnybank

Sometimes I get reminded just how much I resemble my mum and dad. I was under the impression that my sookiness was just a ‘me’ thing and that my parents would be forever wise, mature and in control.

Last weekend, mum nearly had a micro tantrum because she had been craving Hakataya for so many months and fate kept interfering. We drove to Sunnybank Plaza with the intention of eating there but both dad and I weren’t in the mood and kept threatening to foil her plans. Then, there was the drama of trying to get a parking spot. Finally we found one and the line at Hakataya was huge. Mum threw her hands up in the air and declared “FINE! We’ll eat elsewhere”. It was so like me that I thought I was looking in a mirror.

We ended up at Guroome next door because it was quiet and they had an opening special of ‘All sushi plates $3’. There is a sushi train in the room and I thought all the seats were occupied. There was one table right at the back of the room that was vacant so we were lead there.

Dad and I were like hawks watching the train and striking down as new plates tugged past. We were served green tea in bowls, which is not only strange but also difficult to drink out of.

The dishes we had were as follows:

I found the sushi here to be fairly average. There was nothing outstanding about the variety or quality of ingredients. The zucchini tempura sushi was outright unpleasant. I did like the eel sushi because I grabbed a plate that had been freshly seared and it was warm and toasty. I don’t think I’ll be coming back here.


  1. Is this where Himawari used to be?

  2. Hi quop...

    I think I saw Himawari next door so it's still there.