Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Breakfast at Bungalow 4171

Bungalow 4171

Sometimes fate works in strange ways. I was pounding my way through the city from South Brisbane to E'cco one night when I ran into my old highschool buddy Tracy. We used to have art class together and this girl did some of the most amazing pieces. It was one of those "why have we not caught up yet" moments and after a few months of getting our act together, we finally made it out to a long overdue brunch.

I chose Bungalow 4171 because my sense of Brisbane geography is warped and I thought it would be easy for us to get to, not knowing that Tracy resided far away and had to drive through unfamiliar territory to find the place. Bungalow is a small cafe located on Hawthorne Road in Hawthorne.

A smile cropped up on my face when I approached because I saw the sun chairs on the front veranda looking out onto the street where a couple were enjoying their morning coffee. Mind you, Hawthorne Road is just a busy street out in the burbs so it's not exactly the same as lounging in a sun chair watching waves or billowing countryside but I thought it was a cute feature of the cafe.


Inside, there aren't many tables and they soon got cluttered up as the cafe got progressively busier . We had beverages to start with; me, a latte and Tracy, a pot of tea. I ended up having 2 cups of coffee and the first was mindblowingly good. I'm so 'whatever' about coffee nowadays that I hardly have anything to say but there was something special about this cup (maybe the milk?) that just made it awesome. The second cup was still good but not as outstanding.

The breakfast menu offers homely classics with little tweaks that make them more interesting. I would say the food here is more comforting and warm rather than gourmet and wanky. For breakfast (or any other meal really), that is my definite preference.

Field mushroom, cherry tomato and cheese omelette with toast

Tracy went with the field mushroom omelette. When I read that off the menu, I just saw 'field mushrooms' so I pictured buttery mushroom chunks on the plate. I didn't realize it was going to be an omelette. The omelette was huge, and packed with mushroom and tomato, with a couple of pieces of toast to add body to the meal. Tracy said this was pretty good.

Home style creamed corn pot - with baked egg, tomatillo relish and toast

My breakfast pick was the creamed corn pot. I knew as soon as I saw it that I would be ordering this because I have a weakness for corn. It came out exactly as I imagined it, with creamed corn and egg baked piping hot in a little pot, and toast for dunking.

Close up of dunking action :)

I was skeptical about the tomatillo relish at first. On its own, it's exceedingly sour. When combined with the corn and egg, however, it transformed the flavors and really lifted the creaminess. I should have trusted that Bungalow 4171 knew what they were doing. I burnt my palate to shreds with the hot corn but it's one of those things that you can't slow down to eat because you're enjoying it too much. There may exist people in the world who have the patience and self control to avoid injury from fast eating... but I'm not one of them.

I definitely enjoyed the food and ambiance at Bungalow 4171. Our waitress was absolutely lovely too, which always makes for a pleasant experience. This would be the perfect coffee/relax spot for me during the week if it's less busy because the delightful furnishings just make you want to chill and hang out for extended periods of time.

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